First Glimpse of Upcoming Motorola Razr Foldable; Launch Imminent

Motorola unveiled the Edge 50 Pro smartphone recently; on April 16th, the more expensive Edge 50 Ultra is expected to follow. In the future, Motorola may release the Razr series foldable smartphone, purportedly dubbed the Razr Plus 2024.

There hasn’t been much information released regarding the impending Razr smartphone, but it seems like more is beginning to surface. In China, a new Motorola smartphone bearing the model number XT2453-2 has been certified radio-wise.

The certification gives very little information regarding the device’s name or features. Nevertheless, XT-2453-3 is the code number for the US version of the impending Motorola Razr, according to a prior leak.

They believe it may be the Razr Plus 2024 since the item indicated on the Radio Certification has a model number that is identical to the one that was disclosed in the leak. Furthermore, the fact that XT2453-2 has surfaced in the certification database raises the possibility that the smartphone will soon be released.

Furthermore, the next foldable’s renders (linked above) were also made public by the same source. Overall, not much has changed in terms of style; the phone still has the dual camera rings in the top-right corner and a cover display on one side, just like in earlier Razr phones. When unfolded, it reveals a towering display with a selfie-friendly punch-hole camera in the middle.

The Razr Plus 2024’s official release date and pricing have not yet been disclosed by Motorola.