“Filmmaking Is Not Just Artwork for Me” – Max Zaharenkov About His Passion of Creating Video Content

We live in the era of digital technology and transformations. Internet became a viral network with entertainment, tutorial, and other content with free access to all willing users. The filmmaking industry is also in the sharp stage of development. There are many popular apps and websites where people share interesting videos, watch films, and post their own clips.

Max Zaharenkov is a famous filmmaker of our days. He lives and creates in London and is very loved by followers in TikTok due to his creative videos. Our editorial staff decided to interview a popular influencer and professional in filming. Max was glad to have a heart-to-heart talk with our interviewer. Let’s see what interesting insight we got!

You have named your results as artworks. Do you think that filmmaking is art or just a hobby or work?

I do not understand people who dispute and debate filmmaking and call this sphere of activity some commercial direction. I create video content to prove the fact that each new clip is artwork. I convert my passion into a real example of individuality, high-level filming techniques, and creativity. My answer is clear: Filmmaking is not just a job. It is always passion and art.

What is the main reason why you are filming? Do you like to entertain people or advance other interests?

I realized that filmmaking is not just artwork for me. At the same time, it is not just a job as I said before. It is a happy blend of my personal goals and prospects. What a pleasure to film a video that becomes viral and is rapidly shared on the Internet. I see feedback, likes, comments, recommendations, and great appreciation.

The main reason for my filmmaking activities is to make people happy with the help of my video content.  I want to fire up various emotions besides happiness. Some of my videos can inspire, other ones may surprise, another category of clips might even teach viewers.

For example, I have a YouTube channel with interesting videos and about life in London, social networks, and other topics. My TikTok content is not similar to YouTube. Here I use filming tricks and assembling techniques to impress my followers.

Tell more please about your filmmaking experience in TikTok.

Speaking about TikTok, I created an account in 2018. Long time ago, about 12 years ago, I filmed videos in high school with my amateur friends. Then, I discovered Vine and Muscial.ly and became popular in those apps. Today, I film short clips in TikTok to show my filmmaking skills and turn my videos out into viral ones.

Do you think TikTok is suitable for performing filmmaking skills here?

It depends on the quality of content you post here. For example, teenagers more likely do trendy dances, vines, and challenges. Young users do not pay attention to details like lighting, resolution, quality of assembling, zooming, and other aspects. Even poor-quality clips can become viral here if they meet the trends and preferences of the audience.

As for me, TikTok is one more network to show my competence and skillset in filmmaking. Each video of Max Zaharenkov is not lacking in sense and is filmed perfectly. This is my individual style. That is why my account is followed only by people who are satisfied with the picture they see.

What about your personal experience in filmmaking? 12 years including amateur time is a great period of time. Do you have any hacks to share?

I really want to help first-time filmmakers to improve their skills. Proficiency is always built on your experience and knowledge base. Start with tutorials on how to shoot well. Read articles and watch video guides about lighting, assembling tactics. By the way, I do not recommend use too many edits in post-production. The more natural is the video, the better picture you have.

Of course, there are many interesting editors and cutters to make your post-production process almost automotive. But try to film with excellent lighting and brightness to edit less. Additionally, I advise following experts in filmmaking to keep the track of the latest trends and innovations.