Curve Buds Pro TWS and Curve Max Neckband earbuds Introduced by Boult in India

The Curve Max Neckband and the Curve Buds Pro TWS are two cutting-edge devices that Boult Audio has introduced in India. These earbuds are promoted as having excellent music quality, a long battery life, and being affordable at under Rs 2,000.

The Boult Audio Curve Max neckband and the Curve Buds Pro TWS are two new products that Boult Audio has introduced in India. Both are under Rs 2,000 and have a great deal of features.

Specs for the Boult Curve Max Neckband

In the audio market, the Curve Max neckband is distinctive. Users get premium sound quality with to its 13mm drivers and BoomX technology, which boosts bass production.

It has excellent battery life. The neckband has a battery life of up to 100 hours. Additionally, the Lightning Bolt quick charging feature enables you to listen to 24 hours of music after just 10 minutes of charging if you’re in hurry.

It includes a 50ms low latency gaming option for gamers. When making calls, the Zen mode with Environmental Noise Cancellation offers noise-free, crystal-clear talks. In addition, the neckband has Bluetooth 5.3, simple in-line controls, and an IPX5 water resistance rating. The color options are blue and black.

Specs for Boult Curve Buds Pro TWS

The attractive in-ear design of the Curve Buds Pro TWS features a metallic rim. Its 10mm drivers’ BoomX technology guarantees outstanding sound quality. Environmental Noise Cancellation, which lowers background noises, is available during calls.

Also interesting is its battery. On a full charge, it can provide up to 100 hours of playback time. In addition, a 10-minute charge produces 130 minutes of music while charging quickly. There is a specific setting offering 40ms reduced latency for gaming. It also features touch controls, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, and an IPX5 rating. The Hifi, Rock, and Bass Boost sound modes are also available for users to choose from.

Availability and Cost

The cost of the Boult Audio Curve Max neckband is Rs 1,299 (with a special offer of Rs 999). The Curve Buds Pro sells for Rs 1,799 (after an initial discount of Rs 1,299). Both Amazon and the Boult Audio website provide purchasing options. On Flipkart, the Curve Max neckband is likewise offered.

Wrap Up

The latest releases from Boult Audio combine quality and affordability to provide each customer with an excellent listening experience.