Copilot and more are coming with Windows 11 23H2 on September 26

According to a statement from Microsoft, Windows Copilot will officially launch as part of Windows 11 version 23H2 on September 26.

Microsoft said that Copilot, its new AI assistant, will launch in Windows 11 on September 26th, along with a number of other innovations, during its special event in New York. As an integral part of all Microsoft products, including Windows, Edge, and Microsoft 365, Copilot is now a stand-alone entity.

Copilot has a question and answer feature similar to Bing Chat. You could inquire about how to prepare a specific food or inquire about possible travel destinations. However, because it is a part of Windows, it also offers a lot of distinctive capabilities. On enabled devices, for instance, you can type math equations in the Copilot and receive the solution. Additionally, you may use Copilot to snap a photo of a mathematical graph and get answers. Even information from your phone, such flight times and other details in your SMS, can be retrieved. Copilot, according to Microsoft, can also view your apps and other devices and improve operations like copying and pasting.

Other AI features, some of which Windows Insiders have been testing for a few days, will also be included in Windows 11. One of them is the backdrop removal feature in Paint, which automatically recognizes a photograph’s topic and eliminates distracting background elements, allowing you to keep only what’s important. Additionally, text on screenshots may now be recognized by the Snipping Tool, making it simple to copy text from them.

Of course, Windows 11 version 23H2 also has a ton of other upgrades and new features, such as RGB lighting control and a fresh look for File Explorer. If you’re curious about what will change on September 26th, we have an extensive list of changes in this release.

Remaining on the subject of Copilot, Microsoft is also integrating it into Microsoft 365, which will launch for enterprise users on November 1st. Copilot will be available in Microsoft 365 Chat in addition to being across all of the Microsoft 365 apps to help you complete tasks more quickly. In essence, this is a business chatbot that uses AI to support decision-making and problem-solving. You can request that it summarize messages in your inbox, including those from particular senders, establish event arrangements, draft responses, and more – all with the option to make any necessary adjustments so that it looks perfect. Additionally, it enables third-party plugins, allowing you to further expand these functions.

Sound Like Me in Outlook is one of the new Copilot-powered features in Microsoft 365. In essence, it allows you to swiftly write emails without them appearing robotic or mechanical by automatically creating emails that fit your writing style and tone, including sign-offs.

The Copilot Lab is another unique experience created to help people in “building new work habits” in the age of AI. It allows you to share prompts with other users in order to inspire others to create their own, which can assist to increase the quality of prompts.

Additionally, there is connectivity with Microsoft Designer that enables you to build a number of designs using natural language prompts that you can later change. Bing conversation will also feature Microsoft Designer. With the capability to automatically produce a video depending on the clips you feed it, even Clipchamp is becoming more intelligent. Bing Image Designer will also be updated to use Dall-E 3.