China’s Oppo K12 Smartphone Launches on April 24; The Main Features Are Officially Revealed

The smartphone manufacturer Oppo was expected to release the Oppo K12 this week in the Chinese market. Recently, a lot of information about this new handset has been made public online, providing consumers with a quick overview of the item.

However, today marks the formal announcement from the company that the Oppo K12 smartphone will launch in China on April 24 at 14:30 (China local time). China has already opened the device’s reservation channels.

In addition to the privilege package, which includes a 59-yuan pair of headphones, a four-year battery warranty, interest-free financing for three installments, screen break protection, and the option to trade in an old device for up to a 700 Yuan subsidy, users can book the device for just one Yuan.

The Oppo K12’s colour variations have also been formally unveiled by the business. The smartphone will be available in Qingyun and Starry Night colour variants, as was previously hinted.

The Qingyun variation makes use of translucent, multi-layered, nano-brightening optical film technology. On the other hand, the Starry Night version resists fingerprint stains and has a texture resembling stars on its lens.

In addition, it was previously reported that the Oppo K12 would offer 100W fast charging. As of right now, Oppo has formally verified that the Oppo K12 would enable 100W flash charging.

According to reports, users may get 10 hours of conversation time out of the smartphone with just 5 minutes of charging time. In addition, the Oppo K12 is purported to be the rebranded Nord CE 4 smartphone, which was just released in China.