Changing the lives of the gen-next in music one day at a time, make way for American music artist Happy Singh

He aspires to create a huge platform where he can contribute to social problems that are overseen and need more awareness.

Having the pure vision to attain specific goals in life is one thing, but showing the courage to walk on less-trodden roads, learning-unlearning things, acquire new knowledge, stay resilient and patient and make every possible effort to turn those visions into reality is an altogether different thing. People who belong to the latter category are those who surrender to their dreams and, in the process, make sure to spare no effort in becoming their best version in all that they choose to do in their careers and lives. Harpreet Singh, popularly known as Happy Singh, did the same and emerged as a true-blue American music artist, singer, rapper, songwriter and music producer.

Happy Singh, after ISAW Records signed, turned into a well-known music artist who is now on a constant growth pedestal. He was born on 20th December 1990 in Los Angeles and was brought up there. He confesses to having discovered his love for music at a very young age, and while he incorporated his unique flare into every record, he attracted the attention of higher entertainment personals by producing and writing for other artists. He then merged his career, becoming an artist himself and started producing and songwriting his own records. He opened for many top music artists like Tyga, Jeremiah and Yo Gotti and even worked as a songwriter for actor Mathew Noszka an upcoming artist under CEO Irv Gotti of Murder Ink Records.

At an early age, Happy Singh was exposed to Bhangra, a traditional Punjabi dance form from Majha, a Punjab region and even later learned to play the Dhol. As an adolescent, he helped his parents run their family-owned restaurant business in double-sided barrel drum. At age 12, Happy Singh joined his middle school band, inspiring him to play the drums. Not knowing how to read musical notes, he was placed at an intermediate level in his band class. Teachers and family soon realized Happy Singh’s gift for music and continued to support and encourage his new love for music.

Several years later, he left the family business and dived deep into music. After many roadblocks in his career in the form of drug abuse, he chose to rise again and start anew. He has now decided to use his platform in the entertainment world to show others the right path and bring more awareness among them about drug abuse and God’s love for the world.

Happy Singh aspires to create a big enough platform to contribute to social problems that are overseen and need awareness.