Brave Browser Review

Brave browser has already gained a worldwide acceptance just by entering the browser world. It is considered as the most modern unique browser that has just joined this market. This review of the brave browser will unleash the hidden features promising to serve the community confidentially and will give you millions of reasons to switch from your traditional browsers to it.

Before diving in the impressive features of brave, let’s dig in the little bit history. Brave browser is the free open-source browser introduced by Brave Software Inc. which claims to be the best privacy-protecting software with agile speed. The creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, and Mozilla Firefox’s co-founder established this firm. The release of Brave 1.0 has already put a full stop to the regime of beta incubation and has earned fame by proving itself as the privacy aimed speedy browser. Brave Browser claims to be the safeguard against malicious tracking ads. Apart from this, brave keep the track of your history and allows you to delete or save it. If you are already getting intrigued by these exceptional traits of brave then brace yourself up as our article ahead will leave you in awe by the mesmerizing Brave’s energies.

Speed vs Security:

Surfing on a lagging browser just for the sake of your security affirmation is a big NO for this hasty generation. But still, if you don’t want to tradeoff between the two then there is no need to worry as brave app the savior provides two in one offer to its users. The brave browser claims to be 3 to 6 times faster than our traditional browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, etc.). In some regard, it is true too as the brave’s impeccable speed is highly dependent on the Brave’s flawless privacy and security features. Brave’s remarkable pop-up, ad tracker and flashy banners blocking feature refrain it from using extraneous data and thus escalates its speed.

Brave Rewards:

The brave browser came up with one of the most unprecedented concepts of Brave rewards. Brave has replaced all the malicious ad trackers to its advertisements. These advertisements are just like those operating system notifications which don’t breach your privacy. Viewing all those privacy-respecting advertisements will not only halt the revenue generation for publishers but in return will bring basic attention tokens (BAT) in your wallet. The brave download has introduced a new form of cryptocurrency (BAT) that can be turned in real dollars. Whoo Hoo! This means now you can warm your wallet by just surfing on the internet.

Easy Shift from your previous Buddy:

Brave the browser understood the hassle of shifting your bookmarks and frequently searched to a completely new browser and provided an easy way to ward off this trouble. It’s a piece of good news for all those procrastinators as you can shift your data from your previous browser to the Brave browser just by downloading it. There is no need to get into all those fussy setting issues as Brave has taken care of it. You should definitely for brave browser for windows 10 one time.