Aswad musician Drummie Zeb passes away at age 62.

Aswad members have verified that DRUMMIE ZEB, the band’s lead singer and drummer, died at the age of 62.

Drummie Zeb, whose true name was Angus Gaye, passed away, the band revealed in a statement shared on its Facebook page.

In a statement, Aswad said: “We must announce the departure of our brother Angus “Drummie” Gaye with the deepest grief and greatest loss.

“Drummie is well regarded and loved by his family, friends, and contemporaries. He was the lead vocalist for the legendary band Aswad.

“More information will be given at a later time but on behalf of his family and Aswad – we ask that their privacy is respected at this heart-breaking time.”

His remaining band members added: “Drummie has left us to join our ancestors and leaves a huge void both personally and professionally.”

Friends and fans paid tribute to the star.  UB40’s Ali Campbell wrote on Twitter: “Very sad to hear the passing of Aswad’s Drummie Zeb. 

“We’ve lost another U.K Reggae pioneer. Deepest condolences go out to all of the Aswad family @TheRealAswad. Big Love.”

UB40’s R B Campbell added: “So sad to hear of the passing of Angus ‘Drummie Zeb’ Gaye, founder member, legendary drummer and vocalist with Aswad. Condolences and deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.”

Gaye, who was raised in London by his Grenadian parents, formed the band Aswad while attending the Hollow Park school. Born to Grenadian parents, Gaye attended Hollow Park school in London, where he met his Aswad bandmates.

The group originally comprised Angus ‘Drummie Zeb’ Gaye, Brinsley ‘Chaka B’ Forde, Donald ‘Dee’ Griffiths, George ‘Ras’ Oban, and Courtney ‘Khaki’ Hemmings.

The three-time Grammy nominated band were best known for hits including 1988’s Don’t Turn Around and 1994’s Shine among other reggae hits. They released 21 albums over the years. Aswad’s final album, City Lock, was released in 2009.

Gaye was not just the lead singer with Aswad. He was also a highly accomplished drummer and record producer.

He was father to six children and had one grandchild.