After Orry refers to Santanu Hazarika as her husband, Shruti Haasan reacts to marriage rumours

The actor Shruti Haasan addressed rumors about her marriage to lover Santanu Hazarika on her Instagram Stories. She refuted any rumors that emerged when Santanu was referred to as Shruti’s “husband” by Orhan Awatramani, well known as Bollywood’s best friend, Orry. Santanu and Shruti have been dating for a while.

Shruti Haasan about her claimed marriage:

“Well, I’m not married,” she wrote in her Stories. Why would I hide a thing from someone who has disclosed everything? LOL. Thus, please, those who have no idea who I am, calm down.

Orry on Shruti Haasan:

It all started when Orry hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session and responded to numerous queries from users of the social media platform. “Hello Orry, has there ever been a celebrity who has shown you an unnecessary attitude while posing for a photo?” was one of the inquiries. Give suggestions if you’re unable to take a name.”

Orry answered that he remembered being rudely approached by Shruti Haasan once. He made bold claims against her, saying, “Shruti Hasan. She was quite opposed to me at an event that I had actually gotten her into, and I don’t even know her-not because I was posing, because I never asked her.”

Does Shruti Haasan have a spouse?

It hurt a lot, but since I get along well with her husband and think the world of him, I think there was definitely a little misunderstanding. This will be resolved in due course. But I heard in the rumor mill that she referred to me as a “Pune” (peon), like a spot boy or something,” he continued.

Shruti on her plans for marriage:

Shruti recently stated to Hindustan Times that she currently has no plans to get married. “I’m afraid of getting married,” she said. I really don’t want to think about it because there is so much to it. I enjoy spending time with him, working well with him, and being pleased when we are together. Isn’t it superior to the majority of marriages?

Part 1 of Salaar:

Prabhas and Shruti are currently celebrating Salaar’s success together. In an interview, she stated to Hindustan Times, “I agreed to Salaar in part because I wanted to work with Prabhas. Off-screen, he’s quite cool, nice, and laid back. His generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness beyond people’s expectations. However, a whole new Prabhas would appear when Prashanth would demand action.