A new earbud made from recycled plastic is launched in India by Marshall Minor IV

Ninety percent of the plastic used to make Marshall Minor IVs is recycled, with forty-two percent coming from post-consumer goods like CDs and electric bicycles.

The Marshall Minor IV True Wireless earbuds offer a robust audio performance in a compact style. With the new Marshall Minor IV earbuds, the British audio equipment manufacturer hopes to provide legendary sound, amazing comfort, and long-lasting battery life. Additionally, users can customize their experience with earbuds by using the Marshall app.

The cost and availability of the Marshal Minor IV in India:

Starting on June 15, the Marshall Minor IV will cost Rs 11,999 on the company’s official website.

Each earbud has touch-sensitive controls that allow for simple control over calls and music, including the ability to automatically play or pause when an earbud is put in or removed.

Plastic Recycled During Manufacturing of Marshal Minor IV:

The earbuds are IPX4 water resistant and have a redesigned shape that fits the ear canal better. Of the plastic used to make them, 42% is recycled, and 90% of it comes from things that were once used by consumers, such as electric bicycles and CDs.

Features And Specifications Of The Marshal Minor IV:

For both calls and music, the Minor IV earbuds provide well-balanced sound quality. In addition, they are prepared for Bluetooth LE Audio, which guarantees enhanced connectivity and better audio quality in the future. The Minor IV earphones make managing calls and playback easier. They enable simultaneous connections to several devices thanks to their support for Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. By downloading Marshall’s dedicated app, you can personalize the music experience and adjust the quality to your taste.

The Minor IV earbuds have 12mm dynamic drivers that provide up to seven hours of playback, or over thirty hours when the charging case is used.

According to the manufacturer, the case supports Type-C fast charging and can be fully charged in just 15 minutes, allowing for three hours of playback.