5 Fermented Foods And Drinks To Improve Digestive Health

For centuries, people have been largely dependent on alcohol to stay healthy. Teas, fruit juices, and other tonics are among the beverages that are mostly consumed for health. Food and probiotics—a type of healthy bacteria—are preserved in your intestines by fermented beverages.


Made from fermented soybeans, tempeh is a meat alternative that has a high protein content and may be prepared in a variety of ways. This drink’s probiotics and minerals have numerous health advantages, including lowering cardiovascular disease risk factors.


Kefir is a fermented beverage that is prepared by combining milk and kefir grains. It produces a thick, tart drink that tastes like yoghurt. Numerous studies have found that this beverage improves digestion and lowers inflammation, among other health advantages. But additional research is needed to fully understand how kefir affects the health of your digestive system.


Originating in Japan, natto is a fermented beverage produced from soybeans. Consume a high-fiber, high-vitamin K beverage to help your heart and digestion. According to studies, natto drink contains nattokinase, which lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots, and it can also lessen bone loss that occurs after menopause.


The tart fermented tea kombucha has anti-cancer and liver-protective qualities, among other health advantages. Additionally, research indicates that it may help decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is a popular drink, so watch out for additional sugar and make it with care.


Another fermented milk beverage that is high in calcium, potassium, and vitamin B is yoghurt. Yoghurt can help lower blood pressure and increase bone density, according to studies. Additionally, it promotes good digestive function and helps with weight management.