5 Facts About the Canadian Rapper Who Was Shot dead At Age 36, Pat Stay

According to reports, Pat Stay tragically died on Sunday morning in Nova Scotia, Canada, from a stabbing. See more information about him and his career here.

According to TMZ, Pat Stay was stabbed and murdered at the age of 36 in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Although it hasn’t been formally confirmed by authorities, the rapper’s brother, Pete Stay, told CBC that he had passed away on Sunday morning, according to the news source. Just after midnight, according to reports, authorities responded to the tragic situation, and Pat passed away from his injuries soon after being taken to the hospital. According to reports, no one has been arrested in connection with the stabbing as of September 4, and authorities are requesting that anyone with information contact them.

As we send our comfort to Pat’s family, friends, and fans, find out more about him and his budding rap career below.

Pat was regarded as one of the top battle rappers in the industry.


The rapper, who was from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, would often battle other rappers on stages by using freestyle, insults, and wordplay, and became popular among the community. Despite his success, he still admitted to not having big connections that could help him get on “big media outlets/platforms” and just hours before his death, he asked for his followers’ help with getting more exposure on his Instagram story.

His success brought on a fairly large social media following.

At the time of his death, Pat had over 70,000 followers on Instagram and over 43,000 followers on Twitter. He would use his pages to promote his music and beliefs and also shared clips of interviews. He would also share funny clips of himself that brought on a lot of responses from followers.