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Moussa Sall known as Youngsallbaby is disrupting the influencer space on social media, helping to manage and consult with influencers and creators about their brand and business to be successful.

Slattagency (@slattagency on Instagram) is a Creator management company, which deals with providing advice to achieve professional goals, committing to increase activity and visibility to allow customers to promote their activities.

Moussa from a young age aspired to help others achieve their goals which led him to create @slattagency after working for the best Italian agencies and decided to open his own business in 2021.

Youngsallbaby has handled many Influencers for well-known celebrity influencer giveaways. These freebies are used to grow all of our customers on our Instagram list

He has worked with Asia Valente Former Grande Fratello participant well-known television program, Paola Saulino with other colleagues also with Kylie Jenner and Taylor Mega and many more. We organize and manage influencer celebrity giveaways to grow all customers’ Instagram followers.

This led him to think why not create my own agency instead of working for others, being an entrepreneur is everyone’s dream but there are big responsibilities compared to an employee. By 2021 He has big plans to help companies and eCommerce through influencer marketing and by creating their online presence.

We wish Moussa Sall the best of luck for the future.

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