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Finding the perfect cocktail of requested products, marketing and customer service are solid foundations of successful retail. Drayson Little has turned these ingredients into a million dollar dynasty at 21 years old.

It’s 2020 and these are difficult times for many industries. Difficult times to manage an established business and certainly to begin a new one. But difficult is not impossible and to help keep the economy going as well as we can we need entrepreneurs who can defy the odds. Those looking to do so may find inspiration in the story of Drayson Little.

Drayson Little, at the time of writing, is only 21. And yet he has already lived a long life in business. From the age of just 12, the business bug seemed to take a bite, when he decided to custom make some Xbox 360 game controllers after noticing a gap in the market for colours other than the standard white and black. He used his initiative and spray-painted his designs. Fast forward a little to his sophomore year and during a period off school with tonsil removal, Drayson set up and launched his first ecommerce business using Shopify as a platform. He decided to manage stock through dropshipping and it wasn’t long before he had a success on his hands.

Little started by just selling iPhone covers to his customers but quickly tried out a large range of other products, keeping on what did well and regularly adding to what was becoming an increasingly impressive catalogue of products. So, the products were in place, Drayson also used his advertising skills to make sure that plenty of people saw his stores, made sure a strong level of customer service was implemented at all times and kept the website design user friendly and attractive to all who would visit.

All of this paid off. Drayson has made over $2 million by the age of just 21. He says it is down to his hard work and determination, but of course, it is also down to his skills as a businessman. And they are skills he would like to share with others and help thriving businesses see how they can make good money from the dropshipping and ecommerce sector. When it is possible, he would even like to go on stage and tell people about his amazing business journey. A business journey that would not even have happened if he had followed the wants of his parents who believed that business was a waste of time unless he was to become a Steve Jobs or Jeff Benzos. He became neither but instead has become his own success, something that in the current climate, perhaps more than ever, we should welcome with open arms.

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