Why Yoga is important for entrepreneurs to build ‘focus’ and make better decisions

‘Focus’ is the key for any entrepreneur, whether experienced or naive, as it helps in making the right decision at the right time. It is not possible for a businessman to avail the right opportunity, if he’s surrounded by stress, complacency and indecision. This is where Yoga has come up as a holistic solution to help the entrepreneurs deal with such challenges on a daily basis.   

The practice of Yoga includes components like ‘Asanas’ (posture), ‘Pranayama’ (breathing), and ‘Dharana’ (meditation) that often prove to be helpful in staying calm and creating moments of serenity. Focusing on thoughts and breath improves the overall attention of an individual, thereby increasing the capacity to gather vital information during various interactions.  

Entrepreneurs can benefit from Yoga in many ways, claims Rajat Khare, founder of global investment firm Boundary Holding. The entrepreneur has himself taken a liking to Yoga and shares his experiences regarding the same on a self-handled Facebook page. He considers it to be an integral part of his entrepreneurial journey and practices Yoga almost every day. 

There are many entrepreneurs from across the world, who have credited Yoga for changing their professional life. From leading celebrities to famous sports personalities, from politicians to high profile business tycoons, Yoga has impacted numerous lives across different industries. Be it the famous footballer David Beckham from England or actress Jennifer Aniston from the US, cricketer Mitchell Marsh from Australia or English comedian Russel Brand, all these individuals have benefited from practicing Yoga.  

Practicing Yoga on a daily basis can help the entrepreneurs develop self-confidence and unveil their true potential. It is also useful in building harmony between the mind and body. The more comfortably you are placed, the better decision-making skills you will integrate. Yoga is associated with spiritual and philosophical research, thereby helping in strengthening the muscles and building a strong body as well. 

Thus, the overall significance of practicing Yoga cannot be undermined if you are an entrepreneur. It is a one-stop solution to numerous day-to-day problems that we face in today’s highly competitive world.