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Artist Servanity pairs up with a senior in Special Education and Mother to create movement, BLK Anon.

BLK Anon is a movement. With every success story there is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change. As young professional adults we are all trying to navigate through this thing called ‘life’ and with that comes obstacles. BLK Anon aims to shed some light on what’s rife in life.

With the understanding that, self awareness and self understanding are undervalued and underrated, it is important to remember they are keys to success and personal


BLK Anon aims to provide a blueprint on how to navigate through the trials and tribulations life throws at you, when you’re trying to surpass the stereotype of being a young black professional in the UK.

BLK Anon is starting out as a Podcast but has a superlative vision of being a bold, raw, brand in the UK.

With new episodes monthly, season one is currently upline now.

BLK Anon Website: http://blkanon.com/

BLK Anon Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blk.anon/

Follow Servanity: https://linktr.ee/servanity 

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