When to Use Artificial Plants for Interior Design?


In this modern era, many homeowners install plants in and around their homes. Although these plants may appear to be original, in reality, most of them are artificial plants. You will come across many people who have a kind of love affair with all types of artificial plants. These include indoor trees, outdoor plants, topiaries, and florals.

Until almost a few years back, the quality of the artificial plants available on the market was not that good. Even a slight glance would have revealed the fact that the plants are fake. However, things have changed a lot in this modern era. The quality of these artificial plants has improved a lot and they appear as realistic as the original ones.

Till almost a few years back, you may not have given the idea of installing artificial plants both indoors and outdoors a second thought. However, the large variety of such plants available in the market and the lovely flowers on these plants may eventually make you think again and you can see more here. Although many people are opting for faux plants in their homes, it is true that nothing can defeat the real greenery and the delicate beauty of real florals.

Opting for artificial plants does not mean that you will simply shove in peonies and roses of different types into your existing vines and bushes. However, if you have a party at home or just wish to go for a lush look in some of the existing greenery at home, you may go for some artificial plants. It is just like putting on some false lashes before going for a party. You only have to remember that you need to use the florals as they would naturally occur. Putting in some other type of florals in a bush where it doesn’t belong will simply make it look odd.

You may go the artificial plant way in those parts of your house where it is quite difficult to reach, such as the top of bookshelves and high open shelves in the kitchen, as well as those areas where you seldom spend much time. There is another solid reason for you to opt for artificial plants both indoors and outdoors. It is the presence of cats and dogs at home. There are several plants that may prove to be toxic to animals. Instead of putting their lives at risk, it is better to install artificial plants.

When you opt for faux plants at home, always remember that they do not put two of the same artificial plants next to each other. This is simply because they may not vary in terms of drape or shape. These types of plants are produced in bulk and seldom vary in terms of shape or structure. Placing two artificial plants next to each other will seem odd just like finding a palm tree in Alaska. If you love natural beauty then you may go ahead with the natural greenery at home. However, some plants require extreme care, which is not possible for every homeowner.

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