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 WhatsApp is such a beautiful messaging app which always comes with a new feature. Maximum people are using whatsapp for better communication. Globally whatsapp crossed 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. Recently as a report whatsapp is in the top rank of global messenger app as 200 million more users than Facebook. Day to day whatsapp is updating its features. Now WhatsApp is coming with a special feature which is badly required for users. Whatsapp group is one of the best features ever. In the whatsapp group 256 number of people can be added. It is very amazing and interesting. Recently WhatsApp Group Invitation Control is Coming Soon as Feature Hits Beta. 

WhatsApp is the most trusted app. There was a little problem in whatsapp group features. If you are in someone contact they can easily add you to the group. Otherwise when you click on group invitation link you will be added to the group automatically. Sometimes it is irritating. You don’t want to join the group but you are added in so many groups. Now you will get relax from these problems. Now whatsapp is coming with a new feature whatsapp group invitation control. This feature will give you a chance to decide who will add you in a group. Without the permission of users anyone can’t add to the group. Whatsapp is giving a feature to control group invitation. 

Now the feature is disabled by default. Whatsapp reported it has begun testing. Now it is in the early stages of development. It is not available for all users. It is spotted by beta watcher WABetaInfo. This feature is now available on whatsapp beta update version 2.19.55. This was released via a beta update for IOS Test flight users. Now the features are currently not available for whatsapp beta programmes for Android. This feature will arrive so soon to android platforms. 

When the feature will available in Android you can get it in whatsapp setting. After enabling the feature you can go to whatsapp setting then to account. Here you will get privacy options. Here group option will come. After clicking on group it will show group sub-section. For invitation it will give the user three control settings for invitation as – Everyone, – My contacts, – Nobody. When users enable everyone option this will allow whatsapp users to add you to groups without your permission. It doesn’t need your approval. Selecting my contact options will allow the user to add you in group without invitation link who are in your contact list. But when you enable the option nobody, this will not give permission to anyone to add you in group. 

Invitation Control in whatsapp group is an awesome upcoming feature. This feature was necessary for all whatsapp users. Now this feature is not available in Android. So it is the time to wait for the most interesting feature. Let’s wait for the feature. Now adding to any whatsapp group without your approval will disappear. You can take a deep breath and enjoy whatsapp.




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