What makes Cat6a Plenum So Expensive and is it worth spending all that money?


Ethernet cables have immense importance in any network. There are many types of these cables available in the market. Each of them has its unique features and specifications. Cat6a Plenum is one of the best cables out there. High performance, high speed, and compatibility are some of the cool features that come with this cable.

What is Cat6a Plenum?

It is a category 6 cable with enhanced abilities. The “a” stands here for augmented. Cat6a plenum gives you much better results than its predecessor cat6 cable. This cable is specially designed to support networks that have heavy working loads. Cat6a is ideal because it supports present and future applications. There are few things that make this cable preferable choice.

Cat6a plenum has 650 to 750 MHZ frequency. This means that it can transfer data to this speed. It also supports higher speed and 10Gbps network speeds up to 100 meters. Cat6a is made of 23-gauge wire with four twisted pairs. It has additionally tight twists that help it with crosstalk. Its backward compatibility is also another feature that makes this cable user-friendly. You can use this cable with Cat6 and Cat5e. There might be some lack of performance but otherwise, it will work just fine. 

This cable is on the fast track to becoming a cost-effective solution for the future. It is TIA/EIA verified and RoHS compliant. Initially, the cable size was much larger but it has reduced its size over the past few years. This cable is designed for the future and long-term. If you are building a network for the next five years, this cable should be your first choice.

Shielded and Unshielded

If you are considering Cat6a Plenum for your network then you should know the difference between shielded and unshielded. If each of the pair is wrapped in a protective layer and all of them have a big protective layer around them as well then, this cable would fall under the category of shielded. This comes with its benefits.

If the cable is unshielded then only the pairs would have the layer around them. Overall tests of this cable have been quite impressive.

Advantages of Cat6a Plenum

Plenum Jacket – Since this cable has a plenum-rated jacket, it is perfect to be installed in the plenum spaces of any building. These places have air circulation all the time which makes them dangerous in the event of a fire. Its plenum jacket burns slowly with low smoke.

Reduced EMI – its tighter twists prevent all sorts of cross-talks. You can install them in a heavy electrical environment. It can be used in healthcare and industrial networks.

Less Termination Time – previously more time was needed to install the shielded cable; however, the installing time has been cut down with new installation accessories.

Application of Cat6a Plenum

The most prominent feature of cat6a plenum is the speed. It can 10Gbps network so there are many fields where this cable can be used. Some of them are listed here:

Healthcare – this industry is improving every day. Hospitals are getting new machines and expending. All of this requires bigger networks and faster speed. Cat6a makes sure to give them the required speed.

Education – schools, colleges, and universities are acquiring new techniques. The blended education system has created the need for smart classrooms. All these devices are connected with these ethernet cables.

Power over Ethernet – cat6a provides improved performance for Power over Ethernet. This cable has the capacity to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points, VoIP phones, and IP cameras.

Wireless System – this cable also supports the wireless systems that depend on 10Gig.

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