What Is inside Dubai Marina’s Most Expensive Penthouse Rental?


There’s no doubt about it; a penthouse is one of the most expensive residential real estate options all around the world. In Dubai, these real estate structures are found in the tall skyscrapers, among other residential options. Although not the biggest earner, Dubai penthouses for sale are still a big force in the market. One of the most popular areas for apartments and penthouses in Dubai Marina. 

Dubai Marina currently holds the title of getting the biggest value of transactions when it comes to real estate. A studio-type apartment costs about AED 49,000 on average. If you’re wondering what penthouse has the highest rental right now, that is Dubai Marina’s aptly-named The Penthouse. Situated on the top of the 23 Marina building, this unit costs you about AED 15,000 or Dh 35,000 (almost ten grand) per night. What exactly makes this penthouse noteworthy? 

Three-floor worth of unit

When you’re renting The Penthouse, you’re not just renting a penthouse for one night. You rent the whole three floors at the top of 23 Marina. These floors are the 88th, 89th, and 90th floor of a structure, which is already a behemoth itself. It has eight terraces, three bars, a night club, a home cinema, an industrial kitchen, six bedrooms, and 18 bathrooms. If you really want to rent this space without spending your life savings and selling your kidneys, you might want to gather up 500 people to divide the cost. As space can house 500 guests to stay the night.

Highest functioning swimming pool in the world

Swimming pools are usually installed on grounds and not in a tower’s rooftop on the heart of Dubai. Believe it or not, the highest swimming pool in the world can be found hundreds of feet from the ground. If you want to literally swim in the pool along with the view of clouds above your head, this might be your only chance of doing that dream. 

360-degree view of whole Dubai

Atop 23 Marina Tower, you can see a full 360-degree view of Dubai. It’s a great way to start your morning, assuming you’re staying for another night in this penthouse. The main wall is made with glass, offering a great view of the oceans and other tall structures in the area. 

Luxurious, over the top amenities

Amenities are also great. Excluding access to outdoor pools and night bars, this penthouse also offers spa services, saloon, free parking, great kitchen, premium beddings, extra beds, continental breakfast, entertainment services, restaurant dining guide, and a 42-inch Smart TV with satellite service situated in the cinema room. 

A whole 43,000sq ft. Of space

In one night, you can share a space with 43,000sq ft. This area is big enough to house a great and luxurious party for hundreds of people. If this size is too much for your needs, or if you need a long-term rental, you can check out other luxury hotels and penthouses in the area. 

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