What Is Chasen Nevett’s Prerequisite for Successful Partnerships?

Chasen Nevett, a highly innovative financier based in Singapore, is emerging as one of the most sought-after financiers in all of Southeast Asia. Public companies approach Chasen Nevett in order to obtain an innovative financing solution that will create shareholder value in the long term. Chasen Nevett has built a reputation for being both a highly effective communicator and a trustworthy partner. In fact, most of Chasen Nevett’s new portfolio companies were referred by his current portfolio companies. So, what is Chasen Nevett’s prerequisite for successful partnerships?

In Chasen Nevett’s view, the basic foundation of any long-term partnership is to build on trust and effective communication. All long-term partnerships are formed to achieve a common goal in the face of an uncertain future. Chasen Nevett partners with public companies in order to finance their working capital requirements, to improve their capital structure, or to help with any general cash flow needs of the public company. Whatever the requirements may be, Chasen Nevett’s mission is to deliver dynamic solutions to the public company’s problems. Chasen Nevett believes that dynamic solutions require dynamic partnerships. So, how exactly are these dynamic partnerships formed?

By sharing a common goal, Chasen Nevett establishes a deep mutual trust with the public companies he works with. Public companies want to know that they work with a financier who understands their intricate needs and will always stay true to their word. Chasen Nevett is constantly building trust through his actions. Chasen Nevett believes that actions speak louder than words and that trust is built by consistently delivering on promises. He always believes that trust is built by keeping his portfolio companies’ interests at the forefront of all innovative financing solutions. Deals need to be structured in a way that benefits all stakeholders. In other words, deals that create win-win solutions for everyone. If mutual trust has been established, then what is the other essential quality that Chasen Nevett believes will create successful partnerships?

Effective communication is also critical for all long-term partnerships. Without effective communication, partners will not be able to solve future problems with dynamic solutions. In order to structure a dynamic financing solution, Chasen Nevett communicates effectively with all his portfolio companies. In a fast-changing world, solutions oftentimes need to be delivered on an expedient basis. Chasen Nevett is able to overcome any problems, both expected and unexpected, by effectively communicating with public companies. Chasen Nevett has helped countless public companies solve a variety of complex issues with highly innovative financing solutions. Furthermore, effective communication cannot be achieved if both parties do not trust each other and vice versa.

In conclusion, Chasen Nevett establishes trust and effective communication with all public companies he works with. Both of these qualities are the prerequisite for any successful partnership. Chasen Nevett believes that these successful partnerships are dynamic, which allows both parties to adapt to any given situation. Chasen Nevett believes that these are the only partnerships worth forming in order to discover innovative solutions to the unknown problems of tomorrow.