What influences the importance of equipment in the work of DJs, descriptions of DJ Shoeib Mardani “Shebi” DJ and famous Iranian musician

The importance of equipment in the work of DJs

There is an interesting proverb in the art and profession of photography that says that a professional camera does not take a professional photo! It does not matter what kind of DJ you have, the person behind it is important.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that the advanced features and equipment of the DJ make it easy for the DJ to perform, but just having a good and professional device and in all respects can not help a novice DJ. The important thing is the DJ’s knowledge of music and the correct use of the tools on the device.

Of course, there is an important point in Iran that makes beginners buy large and impressive equipment. Devices that do not even have the ability to use half of its features. Personally, I was very upset with this incident and sometimes I was convinced.

Basic facilities for any DJ

    DJ device (now controller or stand device)

    Headphones, preferably back-packed headphones (suitable DJ headphone article)

    Laptop or PC for storing and manually tuning songs

    List of the best songs of the day

    Two speakers (Light) and portable at the same time good sound and fit the performance space

    Microphone with stand (DJ with both hands must perform DJ Gray techniques on the device)

This equipment is useful if you have passed DJ training and have mastered DJ techniques.

A solid step to becoming a professional DJ

The best and safest way to enter any profession and art is always the right and principled way, not the easiest way!

Learning and teaching DJs in a professional and professional way, in order to become a good and knowledgeable DJ, you must first have a correct understanding of music theory and sound basics. Learning and mastering playing at least one acoustic instrument such as a guitar Or piano, helps you better understand the basic concepts of music such as beat, step, fraction and… during DJ training