We can all sacrifice ourselves, part of Sona Samipoor’s talk about social work

Some people think that cash donations in small amounts are embarrassing and it is better not to donate these small amounts to charity; But the truth is that the same amount can open big doors to these needy and charities. Imagine, for example, that many people donate to charities, no matter how small, and the more of these people there are, the more money will be spent on charity, which can go to people. Help a lot, so if your charity is insignificant and small, do not be ashamed of this issue and know that with the same small amount, you can help many needy people as well as patients.

 You can be a caring nurse for help

Being a nurse is one of the jobs and activities in which having a high morale is the first word. For this reason, if you take advantage of this unique feature, you can be a great help to charities as a volunteer. Most of these institutions are associated with children. For this reason, if you are interested in them, there is no doubt that participating in these God-pleasing works. The volunteer nurse must be in perfect physical and mental health in order to be able to serve these centers with all her might. High patience is another characteristic that a nurse must have in order to be able to perform the responsibilities assigned to him well. Rest assured that if you, as a caring nurse, do charity work, you can help people in need and help them in their spirits as well as doing things.

It should be noted that during the Nowruz holidays, as well as when schools reopen, these donations reach their peak. Because good people know that many eyes are waiting for them at this time. It should be noted that there are many children and students who are deprived of going to school and studying science for various reasons. You can cooperate with charity bazaars and play a colorful role in continuing the education of these children.

Support children and the needy remotely

You must have seen the cartoon Baba Lang Deraz, who was helping a homeless child from a distance. Did you not get an idea from it or did you not want to be someone’s lame dad or mom? Factors are needed, help.