Tomas Samalionis, Lithuanian Influencer now based in US


Tomas Samalionis, an entrepreneur, global citizen, and dream chaser who currently resides in Chicago, US.

He was born on feb/21/1982 in Lithuania small town Siaullai. attended and graduated Sauliu Ragaines high school with special concentration in arts, while attending high school he also finished Sauliu athletic school.
After graduating high school he atended Siaullai university where he studied art and design taking interested in photogaphy.

immigrated to USA in 2002 where he started his career in steel industry taking positions as qa lab leading director, iso quality council, raw materials buyer, sales manager and operations manager while attending various management and leadership seminars in 2015 he left the steel company in pursuit of entrepreneurship starting his own companies and collaborating with many vareous businesses.

Follow him here : @samaslife

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