Today’s Doodle Shows Discovery of Thailand’s Largest Dinosaur Remains

On this day in 2016 in the Chaiyaphum territory, Thailand’s Department of Mineral Resources found a dinosaur fossil assessed to be 100 million years of age that is accepted to be the biggest herbivore dinosaur fossil at any point found in Thailand or Southeast Asia.

While making the rounds, a neighborhood saw something very uncommon monstrous bones. He reached the specialists, who then, at that point, uncovered north of 20 individual parts of sacrum, pelvis spine, and femur all having a place with a solitary titanosauriform sauropod animal categories assessed to be anyplace between 23 to 30 meters (around 74 to 98 feet) in length!

Researchers accept the bones of the brontosaurus-like sauropod species portrayed by its long neck and tail could be ascribed to a formerly found animal categories called Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae, however the remaining parts likewise could show the presence of a completely new species-which would be the biggest to have at any point wandered Cretaceous-time Thailand.