Today’s Doodle Presents Korean Thanksgiving – Chuseok 2020

The present Doodle, delineated by Korean visitor craftsman Haleigh Mun, honors Chuseok (추석), likewise referred to in English as Korean Thanksgiving. Among the nation’s most significant occasions, Chuseok falls every year on the date of the collect moon and is praised over a three-day time span that incorporates the first and following days.

With regards to Chuseok’s starting points as a collect festival, culinary customs are basic to the occasion. Among the most huge focal point dishes is songpyeon, little round rice cakes customarily pressed brimming with nutritious fixings like sesame seeds, beans, and nuts and steamed alongside a fragrant layer of pine needles. A ton can ride on the planning of the dish—it is said that whoever makes lovely songpyeon will be met with favorable luck.

Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the greatest and most significant occasions in Korea. Relatives from all over meet up to share food and stories and to offer gratitude to their progenitors. In 2019, Chuseok Day falls on September 13.

As per mainstream thinking, Chuseok begins 2000 years back during the rule of the third ruler of Silla (신라), an antiquated Korean realm. The lord requested a month-long weaving challenge to be held between two groups, and the group that wove the most would be compensated with a blowout (called gabae, or 가배) and different prizes.

Koreans observe Chuseok by making extraordinary nourishments, especially a specific sort of rice cake called songpyeon. Songpyeon is made with finely ground new rice and the batter is worked into little round shapes and loaded up with sesame seeds, chestnuts, red beans, or other comparative fixings.

Happy Chuseok!