Today’s Doodle celebrates the centennial 100th birthday of Italian writer and journalist Gianni Rodari

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The present Doodle praises the centennial birthday of Italian essayist and columnist Gianni Rodari, broadly acclaimed as one of the most persuasive Italian kids’ writers of the twentieth century. Rodari gained prestige for available accounts of imagination that fused true social issues, including “Il romanzo di Cipollino” (“The Tale of The Little Onion,” 1951), which is spoken to in the present Doodle. In 1970, he turned into the first–and to this date just Italian to win the Hans Christian Andersen Award for composing, one of the most noteworthy worldwide distinctions in kids’ writing.

Gianni Rodari was conceived on this day in 1920 in the northern Italian town of Omegna. Intrigued from the get-go in youngsters’ training, he previously educated at a primary school before he progressed to fill in as a journalist. In view of his past experience, his editors approached him to compose for the paper’s youngsters’ part, starting his famous vocation in kids’ writing. By 1960 he had composed enough material to distribute his first book, “Nursery Rhymes in the Sky and on Earth.”

After two years he delivered his hit story assortment “Phone Tales,” considered by some to be his magnum opus. Rodari proceeded to create an assortment of darling writing over the next many years, gaining his place as a commonly recognized name in Italy. He at the same time contributed vigorously to the nation’s instructive change development.

For his commitments to kids’ writing, Rodari won many significant honors for a mind-blowing duration, and today his works have been converted into more than 20 dialects.

Glad birthday, Gianni Rodari, and thank you for rejuvenating your creative mind for ages to appreciate.