Today’s Doodle Celebrated Mid Autumn Festival 2020 (Japan)

The present Doodle honors the Japanese Mid Autumn Festival, otherwise called Otsukimi (お月見), which means “moon seeing.” Dedicated to the festival of the collect moon–the main full moon after the pre-winter equinox–the occasion gives a chance to value the year’s gather and consider the section of the seasons.

The Japanese convention of Otsukimi is said to go back well longer than a thousand years to the nation’s Nara time of the 700s. During the Heian time frame that followed, Japan’s blue-bloods were known to celebrate with happy feasts, pontoon trips, and twilight verse presentations. The occasion picked up ubiquity throughout the long term and today is commended the nation over.

One way many honor Otsukimi is to brighten their homes with pampas grass or susuki, an image of the period’s abundance. Custom additionally requires the readiness of exceptional dishes like tsukimi-dango, reduced down rice dumplings (a staple food in Japan) that take after the full moon and are rumored to bring wellbeing and favorable luck.

Glad Mid Autumn Festival, Japan!