Tkstar is one of the Leading Designers and Manufacturers of GPS Trackers


TKSTAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of GPS trackers / GPS navigators and professional GPS wireless communication products. They are dedicated to providing reliable products and customized solutions to customers around the world.

The company offers a wide range of GPRS + GPS products, GPRS + WCDMA + GPS, GPRS + LTE CAT + M1 + GPS, GPRS + BEIDOU, GPRS + WCDMA + BEIDOU, OBD tracker for vehicles, real-time monitoring of portable terminal devices portable, temperature humidity and Bluetooth Signaling terminal.


The TKSTAR OBD Supports GPS and LBS + WIFI and BD & GLONASS. Users can use it globally and outdoors.

The device has a built-in sensitive vibration sensor that alerts the owner even if it vibrates slightly within 3 seconds. It has a geofence to help you create a safe area for your car and family. If a vehicle is not in a secure area, the device will send a notice to the owner.

The server can store six months of data. It can give you a view of historical routes on the APP and Web platform at any time.


TKSTAR TK915 is a powerful GPS tracking device with integrated magnets that can be placed under the car. It has two processors that are effective enough to operate in adverse weather conditions. The high capacity of the battery guarantees a waiting time of more than three months. It provides online GPS location services for your fleet. Place and track in real-time from anywhere in the world via the web and your smartphone!

Tkstar provides vehicle localization and communication solutions through a variety of products including GPS tracking software, WCDMA / 4G LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT positioning, OBD and CAN bus services, GPS car locator, ODM GPS tracker, GPS tracker OEM foundry

Personal, vehicle and pet positioning

Tkstar also developed a GPS tracking platform that works in sync with PCs, Android phones and Apple products. They perform customized solutions based on customer needs. After a wide welcome in the local market, their world-class products are permanently entering the main foreign markets in Southeast Asia and North America.

We are recognized leaders in GPS fleet management products and services, operating in over 150 countries around the world, offering customers an excellent tracking experience.

Advantages of the Tkstar GPS tracking systems

The Tkstar GPS tracking systems is considered a modern and incredible invention. People rely on it to help find their way into new cities and are now moving towards the full use of their advanced uses. With Tkstar GPS systems, people can trace the most valuable resources, from children to laptops and vehicles.

These are some of the advantages of using Tkstar GPS tracking systems. Some of which includes

Maintain control over assets:

Tkstar GPS tracking helps you keep control over your resources, which is important for moving inventory or performing customer service. It also allows you to track the exact location of your resources and ultimately helps you keep control over your resources. When investing in capital, every entrepreneur wants to protect his assets from theft or loss. However, if this happens, the GPS tracking system will be very useful for finding your resources and recovering them within a few hours.

Easy to use

Several speculations indicate that the complexity of the vehicle location system makes many people unable to take advantage of it. However, the opposite is true because modern  Tkstar GPS tracking systems are well designed and easy to use.

Compatible with mobile devices

These days, smartphones and tablets have been widely used by viruses. They have excellent packages that are compatible with phones.

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