Sanbun Investments is a Stock Market consultancy firm which deals with stock market services. The firm leads, guides, and encourages budding traders to achieve a profitable stream in the market. Sanbun Investments has accomplished several milestones in a short span of time. Following is the list of those who made Sanbun’s dream a reality by working tirelessly and diligently.

Nishaan Singh
Founder of Sanbun Investments

Nishaan Singh started early in his life. He was keenly interested in the Stock Market since a young age. Struggles and hard work paid off, and he soon sprinted up the ladder of financial success. Now, he focuses on guiding and directing budding traders and polishes their skills. Today, he is Hedge-Fund owner, Multi-Assets trader, and a Stock Market trainer at Sanbun Investments.

Sheshank Ranjan
CMO & Head Financial Trainer

Sheshank Ranjan was business-minded since the outset of his career. He came across several opportunities crossing his path prior to his success at Sanbun Investments. He graduated in BTech from IIT Roorkee. Today, Sheshank is a senior financial trainer at Sanbun and also undertakes most of the marketing activities. He exhibits professionalism, humbleness, and integrity.

Saif Rabbani
Sr. Financial Trainer & Asst. CMO

He developed a keen interest in Stock Market. He joined Sanbun Investments in the prospect of learning some fundamentals and other important concepts. Shortly afterwards, he experienced positive changes in his trading style and excelled at generating profits in the market. Today, he is a Senior financial trainer and Assistant of CMO at Sanbun Investments.

Aman Arora
Certified Financial Trainer

Senior financial trainer at Sanbun Investments, Aman Arora is proficient at trading. A string of mistakes and trails gave him sound experience, improving his skills at trading at the same time. He firmly believes that taking the first step is the biggest risk, and then it all depends upon how effective you are at managing your money.

Piyush Tiwari
Certified Financial Trainer

Piyush was determined, focused, and passionate at start. He directed his attention away from engineering and spent a large proportion of his time in learning finance. He a was an apt learner, having abilities which gave him a gateway to financial success. He went deeper into learning subtle concepts of the market and paved a path into Sanbun Investments. Today, Piyush is a certified financial trainer.

Ishu Mavar
Sr. Financial Trainer and Customer relationship builder

Ishu Mavar was a risk taker at beginning. He developed advanced knowledge of the market. He handles company’s relationship with customers and ultimately represents Sanbun Investments at various occasions. He performs several tasks at Sanbun Investments, from managing client’s trading account to managing the personal portfolio.

Vijit Kumar
Sales Associate

Vijit Kumar has unwavering resilience and endurance. He is incorporated at Sanbun Investments as a sales associate. Sanbun Investments’ clients know about him well, making him a famous figure among them. He is now planning to gain even more valuable insights related to Stock Market. His communication prowess is excellent.

Shaik Mohammed Javeed
Public Relations Executive

Javeed began his career along with Nishaan Singh. At the time, he didn’t have as much knowledge of the market. As he went deeper into the process, he developed a sense of affinity with Stock Market. It was only then that he finally conceived the idea of Stock Market as a career. He emphasizes on patience and consistency.

Sudhanshu Maurya
Support lead

At the age of 17, he began his stock market journey. Nishaan Singh gave him the spark he richly deserved. Youngest teammate of the Sanbun group, he is a senior financial trainer and support lead who is always available for budding traders to provide them with guidance.

Jaspreet Singh
Sales Associate

Jaspreet Singh has given remarkable and laudable performance in the sphere of selling over years. He has significantly contributed in the success of Sanbun Investments. Being proficient at selling, he aims to achieve more and more in near future.

Dinakar S
Digital Marketing Head & Financial Trainer

Dinakar dropped out of engineering and chose Stock Market as a career. He obtained the basic training from Nishaan Singh and acted upon his advice. Dinakar is presently is a six figure trader and digital marketing head at Sanbun Investments. His Stock Market career began during the financial crisis his family was going through.

Ayush Jain
Sales Associate

Ayush Jain is an important sales associate at Sanbun Investments. He excels at selling and presents facts and figures in a lucid way. He has by far contributed a large proportion of his skills to Sanbun Investments’ success. People admire him for his strengths and abilities.

Muhammad Hasieb
Financial Trainer

Hasieb saw horrific situations when he was starting. He did not have any concrete path which he could walk along to get financial success. He soon came to know about Sanbun Investments, which was his last career prospect. He worked hard and devoted untiring efforts into Stock Market. Results manifested shortly afterwards, and Hasieb is now a seasoned financial trainer at Sanbun Investments.