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brydell cocky

Battling between working a 9 to 5 job or following your dream can be very challenging Many people find themselves stuck in 9 to 5 jobs that they hate but fear following their dreams is just not an option. Despite hearing this discouraging message, YouTube & Instagram Social Influencer Brydell Cocky proved society wrong. In the position of doing what he loves by creating content on social media, where he focuses on a mix of comedy and social commentary, Cocky has over 200K followers and a remarkable 27 million plus views.

There’s no doubt it takes a special kind of person to face the challenge of going their own way and building a successful business, boss-free, and following their passion. It shows self-confidence and an ability to block out negative comments. This is the foundation of the inspiring story behind YouTube and Instagram social media influencer, as well as musician Brydell Cocky (real name  LaQuan Wilson), rise to prominence online, after many sacrifices and unswerving faith and hard work.  Cocky recently celebrated his hard fought accomplishments and his ability now to live his life, comfortably, while doing what he loves and seeing his personal brand continue to grow larger all the time.

Cocky build what would be the foundation of his own social influencer and musical success by working as an intern for Motown records, getting to see the inside of the entertainment industry and earning first-hand experience how branding, promotion, and marketing work when pushing artist’s all valuable knowledge that applies to his own dual career as a social influencer and musician himself.

To learn more visit  https://www.brydellcocky.com and check out his Instagram and YouTube

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