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Fouad Halawi, aka Fonzo, a Lebanese Dj/Producer, ever since he was young, his life revolved only around music. Growing up in Lebanon, he discovered a passion in producing his own music, he started hosting gatherings where he’d introduce his playlist to friends and the feedback was always positive therefore he was given the nickname FONZO. A hobby turned into a career, since then, Fouad has been playing at his own public and private events, establishing his own recording studio “ FNZ STUDIO “ and producing his first album. FNZ STUDIO is the best studio you can ever find in Lebanon with the best equipment, soundproof, engineering, and more. Fouad is hosting many famous DJs from around the world in the next few months, he already hosted big DJs such as Mathame, Wurtz, Raxon, and Undercatt.

They found that the Lebanese hospitality was more than perfect, and Fouad was the one who arranged everything for them.

Fonzo is also planning to open his own Night Club as soon as the situation in Lebanon becomes better in the upcoming months.

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