The Mili teaser: Janhvi Kapoor faces a deadly race against time


Mili teaser: Janhvi Kapoor plays a nurse trapped inside a storage freezer who must find a way out before she freezes to death.

The first teaser for Janhvi Kapoor’s upcoming survival thriller Mili was released just hours after the makers shared the first look images on social media. Janhvi plays the titular character, who is trapped in a storage freezer and must find a way out before she freezes to death.

Mili begins the teaser by cutting rolls of duct tape while shivering inside the freezer. A police radio can be heard in the background informing the force that someone (presumably Mili) has been missing for four hours. We get our first glimpse of Janhvi’s face, which is reddened by the extreme cold as she struggles not only to stay alive, but also to keep her wits about her in the extreme cold. The teaser shows her co-stars Sunny Kaushal and Manoj Pahwa, who are both concerned about Mili’s whereabouts. The temperature of the freezer is shown to be negative 16 degrees Celsius at one point.

The teaser concludes with a cut shot of Mili opening her fridge to get a packet of milk before she became trapped in the freezer.

Mathukutty Xavier’s survival thriller film Mili is a remake of his own Malayalam film Helen (2019). Ritesh Shah wrote the screenplay, which was produced by Boney Kapoor. The film will be released on November 4, 2022.

Fans were taken with Janhvi’s portrayal of the helpless Mili in the teaser. “This looks very amazing!!!” said one. Her expressions are simply incredible…her film choices are incredible!!!” Despite having seen the original, many people expressed excitement for the sequel. “I know it’s a remake, but I’m so excited,” one commenter said. “Really hoping the movie is as good as the teaser,” another fan wrote.

Janhvi had previously shared the first poster and introduced her character Mili to fans. Janhvi smiled at the camera in the photograph. She was dressed in olive green and carried a brown backpack. Janhvi will play Mili Naudiyal, a 24-year-old BSc nursing graduate, in the film. She posted another poster an hour later, this time of Mili freezing inside the freezer.

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