The Future of Cosmetics Is Organic and NatureGloom Is a True Testament to That

Gone are the days when people didn’t care what they put on their faces or consumed. At NatureGloom, the focus is and always has been on high-quality natural cosmetics that are made from organic materials and deliver a premium experience. The brand is absolutely transparent about everything that goes into their products so consumers can make well-informed choices.

“We always try to deliver the best possible products, made from a few simple ingredients, and have a positive impact on our environment. We believe that businesses nowadays need to have a serious mission that they adhere to. Ours is to protect the earth and to help people have amazing, radiant skin from the inside out,” shares a member of the NatureGloom team.

The company’s consumer demographic is diverse. “We believe that anyone of any age can have beauty. It’s not something that is reserved for people in their twenties or thirties. In fact, we have customers ranging in age from 18 to 65 years old,” they explain. It certainly helps that NatureGloom has a wide reach and is sold online on Amazon, on eBay, and via beauty retailers. It is also available at a number of stores throughout Canada with plans to expand soon.

The skin care especially is a real hit at NatureGloom. Smooth, fragrant, and creamy, it is the ideal solution for those who want to nourish their skin. Customers are always tuned in to every next product drop and make sure not to miss a beat, and the brand is more than happy to keep its customers excited and engaged. “Customer feedback means a lot to us and we value it highly. This is our guiding light when we formulate new products because we always put the customer at the heart of everything we do,” a member of the team shares.

With the cosmetics industry steadily growing by 5.5% a year, NatureGloom is expanding rapidly and wants to lead by example, with their products proudly manufactured in Canada with a strict quality-control process. “We want to simplify beauty. If there’s a list of 30 different ingredients in your face cream, then something’s wrong there. With the vast resources available for research and development, we can create something truly special that’s good for our skin and for the environment. We don’t have to resort to chemicals anymore,” a member of the team says. This includes the new products set to drop just in time for the holidays.

NatureGloom is supported and run by TripleOne, its parent company that is always focused on premium customer satisfaction and top-of-the-line products. TripleOne is a revolutionary business in the sense that it is decentralized, meaning that people from all across the world come together to collaborate on various projects and make investment decisions. TripleOne’s mission is to support as many innovative and creative brands as possible, and NatureGloom is a true testament of that philosophy.

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