The Fascinating Journey of Phil Phanatic—An independent Artist and Musician

Phil Phanatic, a Berlin-based musician, is now carving a separate niche for himself as an independent artist in the world of music. He is assisting several artists in coming up with their original tunes and music compositions. In addition, Phil offers a necessary platform and encouragement to these artists by releasing their EPs and singles.

“Right now, I am enjoying my journey as an independent musician. I get an opportunity to listen to several songs by new musicians and appreciate their work. I also offer necessary advice to them from time to time to improve their work, wherever needed. In addition, I have collaborated with a lot of musical artists from Vancouver and let them showcase their talents,” said Phil Phanatic.

Fake Kings, one of the recent hits of the Vancouver-based group, is doing pretty well at chartbusters. Phil and Levvi joined hands together for several projects, and all are doing well.

Back to the roots

Phil Phanatic has been recently invited to be a part of a major German hip hop label as a producer, but he declined the offer saying he would rather love to be a mentor to the upcoming and newer artists. It reflects his massive passion for music and deep respect for upcoming artists.

“All that I aim for is to produce high-quality music and offer our listeners some of the best music. As an indie artist, I get far more project opportunities to choose from. Once I get connected to a musical project, I dedicate everything to it. I, along with my friends, have founded the label Naturels Records. It gave us enormous opportunities to see the production process very closely. I am using my skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer to release quality music albums and singles,” Phil explained.

Until now, Naturels Records launched several songs released by Phil and his team. And most of these songs got massive popularity worldwide, with some thousands of streams on the first day. The music label continues to garner attention from the people and has many other projects in the pipeline.

Naturels aims to cater to music audiences of all genres. As a result, it has an extensive collection of RnB, hip hop, pop, and songs of other genres.

In the last few years, Phil has achieved tremendous success in his professional career as a musician. He has released many musical projects, which collected more than 500,000 streams and views across all major streaming platforms. Any music lover can listen to Phil’s artistic creation by searching for his singles and EPs on digital music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer.

The Future Ahead

Phil Phanatic’s latest EP was launched a few months back, and it got tremendous likes and hits on social media. Thousands of fans streamed his EP across several platforms, and the audience showered their love and appreciation for his work. He has collaborated with the likes of Blue Gato, and Pbads for his EPs.

Unbelievably, the very first day, the EP hit several thousand streams and got a lot of positive reviews online.

Similarly, Fake Kings has also become a massive hit among fans. The song presents a simple message to stay true and never bow down before the constant pressure to alter one’s passion, hobbies, and perception.

“I am planning to release several more singles in the next few months. I want to take my musical career to a new height and also help my fellow musicians get the desired popularity and reach.” Phil Phanatic concluded.

The talented artist loves composing music. It connects him directly to the ethereal world. He creates unique vibes with a combo of German and Canadian influence. As an independent music producer, Phil spends a lot of time learning the nuances of art and music.