Tale of Nick Mocuta, who has seen it all, from struggles to success

Nicusor Rafael Mocuta is an entrepreneur selling on Amazon for over 7 years now. Nick took birth in Romania in 1984 and has dual Romanian- American citizenship.

Nick did his graduation from the Business School in 2006. He was longing to make his mark after graduation. With only five hundred dollars in his wallet, he took a flight to Los Angeles, United States of America. Nick lost one-fifth of the amount in his first ride. To save and spend each penny mindfully, he slept on the benches in the public parks.

While he was struggling to adapt to the new culture of the city, he found a low wage job and finally he rented an apartment. Soon, Nick learnt Real Estate Commerce and worked hard to get a Real Estate Broker License. He stayed in the same industry for a few years until he moved to E-commerce. Mocuta then discovered the potential of E-commerce. He experimented a lot of things which open many new doors for him.

Mocuta has been selling on amazon for the past 7 years now and manages Amazon and Walmart stores for people that wish to sell on these platforms.  As a tool to give back to society, he helps people start their online store and can help over 200 people. He helps thousands realize their dreams in the eCommerce industry by helping them attain financial freedom. Nick Mocuta is among the successful who aced these skills, dedicated to his passion with all the hard work, he is now giving back to the community.

Selling on Amazon is a skill that most of us look forward to acquiring but only some of us are successful. It required intellect, wise decision-making skills and a lot of patience. There are no shortcuts in this industry.

Mocuta stated,” I did it because I saw a huge opportunity in eCommerce and selling online. I wanted to be a part of it. The part that I can work from anywhere in the world is a big bonus”. He says that he wants to focus on the fact that he provides service to the clients to start their business online without any experience. Through his white glove service program, he makes sure his clients get a hassle-free experience. All his clients praise the quality of his service and his dedication towards it.

He has also shared tips to bid procrastination. The tips are as follows:

Let go of the past

Reward yourself

Ask someone to hold you accountable

Minimize distractions

Make a to-do list