Fashion Model TheIvySyn Connects With Samuel E. Guzman

Illinois based fashion model known as Theivysyn, real name Ivian Scott started connecting with talent manager coachsamuelg real name Samuel E. Guzman early 2020.

Ivian has an Instagram page which you can find at the end of the article. When you look at her social media page you can see right from the jump that she has celebrities commenting on her posts with some having over 1 million followers, which is quite surprising to anybody.

Ivian has goals of sponsoring more bands, acting and moving to Atlanta eventually. From what we can find it seems Ivian has joined a massive network circle, only qualifying models can participate in this talent management service.

If you’re tired of following basic models on Instagram and you’re looking to spice up your Instagram feed then check out Ivian, give her a follow, and check her story out!

Instagram: theivysyn


Samuel E. Guzman Connects With Verified Artist Matt Movin

Since 2019 “coach” has been networking with “Matt Movin” who currently sits at over 100,000 followers.

With one glimpse of the comment section in both Samuel’s and Matt’s Instagram, you’ll notice many verified celebrities engaging in their posts, which one can assume both people are well connected on the social media side of things.

Matt Movin has an album called Basic Instincts 2 dropping sometime in March. so be on the lookout for that as well! you can find both members below.

Instagram: coachsamuelg