Dr. Ching, “Plastic Surgery Industry is focusing on developing new technologies”

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching is one of Hawaii’s most renowned surgeons for aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body. His attention to detail, skill and mastery of surgical techniques produce remarkable, natural-looking results. Dr. Ching’s diverse surgical talents are featured on his popular Instagram profile @ShimChingMD.

In recent years, the plastic surgery industry has seen an increasing demand for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures use approaches that result in much shorter recovery for patients while maintaining excellent outcomes. Laser technique is another advanced minimally invasive technology in cosmetic surgery. These procedures can bring less pain and a shorter recovery than traditional methods.

Dr. Ching says, “The industry is focusing on developing new technologies to shorten recovery and improve results for patients. A good example is laser liposuction, where body fat is melted and removed in a liquid form to reduce pain and recovery after surgery. Also, the introduction of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, such as energy-based devices and advanced dermal fillers, have dramatically improved results and shortened downtime.

What sets Dr. Shim Ching separated from other plastic specialists is the inventive and propelled methods he uses to make results that dependably meet and surpass his patients’ desires. He sharpened these methods via preparing at a portion of the world’s principal plastic medical procedure habitats, remembering partnerships for Geneva, New York City, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, and San Francisco.

Dr. Ching’s notoriety for being a plastic specialist who mixes aestheticness and expertise has been regarded commonly, both in Hawaii and across the country. He has been named as one of the “Best Doctors in America” since 2011, an acknowledgment held for the country’s top 5% of specialists. He additionally earned in front of the rest of the competition in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s People’s Choice Awards since 2013 and was among Honolulu Magazine’s Top Doctors in Hawaii since 2011. Palace Connolly Top Doctors has additionally granted Dr. Ching Best Doctor status since 2016. Honolulu Magazine has likewise granted our training, Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery as the best corrective medical procedure practice in Honolulu since 2011


Who In Kylie Jenner’s Posse Got Plastic Surgery Breast Implants?

Kylie Jenner loves staying in the headlines, but she doesn’t always like to reveal everything about herself. Just last week, fans criticized her yet again for having breast implants. This was just after the star posted some scantily clad photos from Halloween.

This criticism is nothing new though for the Forbes named ‘Youngest Self-Made Billionaire’ (see here) and KUWTK star.

Kylie has always kept her plastic surgery matters private. She frequently denies allegations that she’s gone under the knife, even though her body has drastically changed in recent years.

This is most likely due to her pregnancy with daughter, Stormi, whom she gave birth to in February of 2018. A woman’s body definitely undergoes significant changes during pregnancy, but Kylie’s breasts seem too good to be true for some.

Even though many fans keep commenting on her recent photo claiming she should ‘admit’ she’s had surgery, Kylie still remains silent. She has also not made any further announcements confirming or denying the claims.

However, another member of her posse, stylist Tokyo Stylez, is proudly admitting to have undergone a breast augmentation procedure. But Kylie isn’t completely off the hook yet. Some Plastic Surgeons Louisville top lists rank highly have even given their professional opinion about the speculations. 

Plastic Surgeons Louisville Top Lists Rank Highly Raise Suspicion About Kylie Jenner’s Larger Breasts

One plastic surgeon claimed that Kylie’s abnormal growth in the chest region couldn’t be due to weight gain. He also claimed a push-up bra isn’t the culprit either. He goes on to assert the following.

“While weight gain can increase breast size, it is the firmness and the position of her breasts that lead me to believe she has had surgical enhancement”. 

He then continued to say, “In photos of her in a tank top even without a bra, they stand up on their own which is normally not possible with breasts of this size without implants”.

Kylie is most likely still sensitive about her post-pregnancy body. She opened up in a video released in July of 2018 about how she struggled to cope with her body’s changes. It’s great though that now, over a year later, she feels comfortable enough to wear such revealing clothing.

Someone Else In Kylie’s Posse Is Confirmed To Have Had A Breast Augmentation

Kylie definitely hasn’t announced any recent procedures that are similar to those of Plastic Surgeons Louisville clinics use.  She denies doing what plenty of video vixens are flaunting (like music video: Rich Life Forever)  and social media influencers are investing in for their business. However another person in her posse is proud of her new breast augmentation.

Kylie’s personal hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, underwent a breast augmentation procedure just this week. She also got liposuction on her waist.

As a transitioning woman, Stylez, is proud of her journey. In a photo posted to Instagram, Stylez commented, “Surgery was successful thanks again for all of you who had me in your prayers and supported me for making the decision to transition.”

Stylez is best known for designing beautifully made wigs for Kylie Jenner as well as Cardi B. She has reportedly worked with Jenner for the past 3 years.