Li1.lean Gives Standout Performance At Austin Texas coliseum

The International persona Li1.lean Texas rapper gave the best performance of the year went while he rapped and sing his “sensualidad,” “perreo,” and “miamor,” sheer pandemonium broke out among the audience, shaking the floor of the Center as fans danced in the aisles and jumped on their chairs. The rapper (who also goes by Li1.lean ) gave appreciation for the love and support, from his loyal fans.

Gabriel Montes, best known by his stage name Li1.lean, is a Latin, English musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His name emerged due to his popularity among the Latino community and social networks with his diverse music.

He creates songs with both languages to experiment with two cultures and erase any border between them.

Where to Find li1. Lean

Instagram: li1.lean

YouTube: Lil Lean TV

SoundCloud: Li1.lean