Modpod launches Kickstarter Campaign for their creative and innovative love for animals and interior home design

Are you an animal lover with an eye for interior design?

Well, look no further. Introducing Modpod, a modular design that offers a way for humans and cats to cohabitate while allowing everyone living in a shoebox to big spaces to maintain a stylish décor in their homes, bridging the gap between chic “human furniture” and pieces that look out of place to accommodate pets’ needs.  It is furniture designed for both human and cats in mind, it can function as a coffee table, bed, or bookshelf and also functions as a hideout and a nest for animals.

Modpod launched their Kickstarter campaign on 21 July, 2020 and currently have a little less than 2 months for their campaign. They need outreach to more superbackers or people in general so they can reach 63,000 SGD.

The founder wanted to create something that she herself could use for her own animals. Being a pet owner, she knew the struggles of having damaged furniture from the clawing, so she wanted to create something that was not only stylish but also functional for the household. Each Modpod system has been put through testing by her animals who truly approved of the product. Even before they started Modpod, she started her first business in e-commerce pet food delivery and grew her operation into one of Singapore’s all-natural pet supply distributors.  From there, with her experience in the pet industry, she decided to make furniture and started a team with an industrial designer and an investor and proceeded to make Modpods.

The features of Modpod include: universal modular design, which is configurable for people to create an innovate and all-inclusive home for families with their loved animals; strength and durability, where each cube can hold up to 120 kg, they can even become a bed frame for the entire family to enjoy; ability to transform living space, as modpod enhances people’s homes they are also helping stray animals with shelters all around the world; claw-resistant, it has been tested by the ones who will be using it to make it scratch proof and water resistant. Also, whether you live in a small apartment or on large acres of land, the Modpods can be modified to be stackable and mountable to be part of your home décor. It is also easy assembly with no tools required and comes with wall mounts for fixing onto walls.

When people back them on, they will get a Modpod at 30% off early bird prices. They will also be able to receive regular updates on the process of getting their Modpod and even unlock stretch goals. Once they reach the completion of their Kickstarter, they will then begin the process of shipping the Modpods. Their target audience is currently cat lovers, home interior enthusiasts, and product designers but they are designed in Singapore and they ship to Singapore, Malaysia, most parts of Asia and the USA.


Chotovelli & Figli third-generation watchmakers exceed fundraising goals from successful Kickstarter Campaign

Some people say that the best things come in threes. Chotovelli & Figli was created by the Chotovelli siblings, who are third generation watchmakers following in the footsteps of their grandfather, Simone Chotovelli in the late 1920s.

The Chotovelli siblings wanted to go back to something familiar and in their DNA after years of working in different industries. One of the siblings worked in the diamond industry managing sales for the biggest diamond tools manufacturers and that was where he learned the process of manufacturing. After some time, he realized that his heart was somewhere else and decided to take his father’s advice to take is knowledge and know-how of watchmaking to create watches and build a business along with his sister.

Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, they launched their Kickstarter Campaign for the watches that they have created that are engineered and designed to showcase functionality, reliability, and precision and focuses on design, production, and sale of military-inspired watches at attainable prices. Their strategy was not to just sell watches, but to create timepieces that are special, unique, and different. They operate more as a design house instead of a watch manufacturer by offering different collections for every season.

They launched their first Kickstarter Campaign for their Minimal Pilot Watch “Flieger 1919” that became quite successful and from there, they decided to launch a 2nd campaign for the “Navigator 1949” Pilot watch where they took inspiration from the classic B-Uhr Type A design and recreated it on May 12,2020. The campaign has surpassed its fundraising goal by an immense amount with support from backers all over the world.

While they have launched their Kickstarter Campaign for their watches, they are not the only products that they sell, with things ranging from watchstraps and eyewear. They also have a large variety of watch collections to choose from.

Their new watch the “Navigator 1949” Pilot watch has a satin sandblasted finish and it was inspired by pocket watches that were issued to U-boat crews and Navy Pilots during the war. These watches are the smallest size watches ever made by the company and the case back of the watch is made of solid stainless steel and engraved with the watch’s serial number and basic specs. The dial of the watches was created for maximum readability with enlarged marks and accompanying Arabic numerals for each hour.

The retail price of the watch is estimated to be around €190 but backers can pre-order the watch at a price as low as €90 through the early rewards. They are currently operating out of 3 continent, they deliver to the US, Canada and other parts of the world without a minimum order amount and would be delivered from the nearest port possible therefore offering faster and more reliable service.  When people purchase any of their watches, they will receive a two-year warranty for free on all watches and a 30-day exchange policy for any watch that has not been worn but scratched or damaged.

At Chotovelli & Figli, they pride themselves on protecting the privacy of their customers and would not disclose any personal information without prior approval.

Media Contact
Company Name: Chotovelli & Figli
Contact Person: Chotovelli Ilan 
Phone: 3156364335
Country: Belgium