Top 5 best horror games

Are you the kind of person who gets easily scared or who scares everyone else? Fear is something we all feel at some point in our lives. Horror games not just lets you experience the things which you cannot in real life but also it provides an alternative for your fantasies whether it is person running behind you with a chainsaw or just interactive fiction; horror games are the epitome of it all. If you are a fan of horror games then you know how it feels to play the classic resident evil or modern Alien isolation. We have complied the top 5 horror games of all times.

1.    Resident Evil 7

The series of resident evil gives you goosebumps no matter which one you play but the resident evil 7 has merged all the horror movies into this game making it a modern invention and perfect combination of a horror and smart game. The mysteries are concealed and the bakers are exceptionally disruptive. It also added VR possibilities which makes you close to the horror compelling stuff and it will give you nightmares for days.

2.    Bendy and the Ink Machine

It is an episodic game in which the work of the artist has gone wrong. It is the creepiest game ever. When you go back to the room which you just left, the things there won’t be the same and lights flicker. This game makes you feel claustrophobic and frightened. It does not guide you. You have to collect the tools from various rooms in order to start up the ink machine.

3.    Alien: Isolation

There are many games that has been inspired by alien forces but Alien: Isolation wins. You play the role of the daughter who searches a place station but instead of finding what she is looking for, she faces an alien which cannot be killed. It gives you a sense of fear and threatened that you will get caught. You don’t breathe like you have to. This game makes your pulse pounding hard for hours. The kind of atmosphere this game provides is impressive as hell.

4.    P.T.

Combing the idiosyncratic game and the greatest film monster makes the oddest and most horror filled game ever released. This games put you in infinite hallways and leaves nothing behind to scare the hell out of you. The sound is terrifying and you cannot play it with lights off. It is unknown things that brings you terror and the sounds in the background makes it easy for you to imagine the worst scenario possible.

5.    Inside

Creepy mermaids, scary robots, zombies, nasty weather, rabid dogs and what not. This game has it all. It shows a dystopian world which wants to kill you at all times and you have to survive. The human beings are a threat and you don’t know when will they shoot you or send their rabid dogs to rip you apart. It sends chills down your spine. The theme is dark and aesthetic.