How Fred Cary Helped Entrepreneurs Find Their Feet

New startups can be a hassle to get up and running. Experienced startup owners have a general idea of what needs to be done, but it takes a lot of time and capital to get the details sorted out. But what about new entrepreneurs who are stumbling about in the dark? Fred Cary came up with IdeaPros to help new entrepreneurs navigate a complicated system. With several successful startups under his belt, Cary is the best at doing what he does. Clients seek him out because of his prowess; IdeaPros is responsible for managing over 300 new businesses on behalf of their owners.

Setting the Company Apart

Startups usually approach Cary’s business to get advice from an experienced business owner. With so many business consultants out there, it might be challenging to see how Cary’s business stands out from the crowd, though. Cary notes that his business offers his clients a few key traits that they can’t find elsewhere. He approaches the business honestly. Any issues he’s having, he shares with his clients so that they’re always informed. Additionally, decisions he makes usually have heavy moral underpinnings; some decisions might not make the best business sense, but they are morally grounded. The profits aren’t as high as possible, but the business remains honorable in its dealings.

Changing the World One Startup at a Time

Cary’s business believes in bringing change to the world. Each client that Cary works with is an individual who has an idea that could potentially change the world. The company they build with Cary’s help carries a product or a service to people who need it. Cary’s goal is to help those businesses help their consumers. With his advice, they can make a significant impact on the industry. Cary believes that the determination to see his clients succeed is what drives his business and makes it the best choice for new entrepreneurs looking to secure their niches.

Giving Business Owners the Chance to Do More

Management is not just about getting a company up and running. “We try to help our clients do more with their company—to reach out and make a real difference,” Cary says. Most business owners don’t see the bigger picture, especially when it comes to the daily running of their businesses. Cary is there to offer them some perspective on what they’re doing and who it impacts. With more of Cary’s clients succeeding, he’s starting to realize that his clients are of a different sort. They aren’t the type who rely on hands-on management from their consultants freeing them up a bit more to work with other clients.

A Business That’s More Than an Idea

Most business owners have an idea, and they start putting their plan into action only to have the concept fail right out of the gate. Cary understands what challenges face a business trying to get their product out to their clientele and he believes that the companies that he deals with shouldn’t die as ideas, but should go on to change the world. “We’re not interested in just helping a business be another startup, but rather, be the best that it can be,” he says. So far, it seems to be working, with many of Cary’s clients distinguishing themselves in the field of business.


Standing out from the competition as a business owner with Fred Cary

Business is about finding a niche and supplying a demand. Those who are able to quickly pinpoint the gap in the market and fulfill it reap the benefits of running their own business. That said, there is plenty of competition in the entrepreneurial world, and much of it is cutthroat.

Being good in one’s niche isn’t enough. Many business owners go as far as creating memorable brands, such as Phil Knight’s Nike.

That way, the business turns into an ideology, which is really what has the customer sold. The end goal is not simply to have customers, but to have loyal fans. Many owners have done so successfully.

One such example is Fred Cary, a powerhouse entrepreneur who has founded over ten companies and amassed billions in value.

Today, he is focused on helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs get on their paths for success by finding their niches and remaining confident and steadfast along the way.

Cary has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, where he shares first hand advice on how to make it in business. “I was surprised to find out that there were few places for entrepreneurs to get advice and solid help,” he says.

“I wanted to create a platform where I’d share all that I’ve learned in my decades of experience with people who are just starting out. Did you know that there are 550,000 people in America who choose to be entrepreneurs each month?” remarks Cary.

To him, the key to success is differentiating oneself from the competition. Cary explains, “If you don’t have any competitors, you’ve chosen a bad niche. No idea really is original and chances are, you won’t be the first to break into an industry.”

“You have to build an organization around you that is in touch with your mission and moves it forward,” says Cary. “If you have an app and nine out of your ten downloads are by your relatives, then something’s not working.”

He explains that the two factors which help to differentiate an entrepreneur are knowledge and experience. In case somebody is new to the area, they can and should always go seek help from somebody who’s done it all and learned their lessons.

“During my decades of work, I’ve had a great success and a bunch of failures as well. I’ve learned my lesson, which is why now I’m training young people based on all this experience,” says Cary.

This entrepreneur believes that one should always face their failures without fear, as learning experiences. If there aren’t enough failures, that could be a sign that not enough work is being done.

In a similar Vein, success should be cherished and entrepreneurs should show gratitude. Cary believes that what business owners need to always be thinking about is whether they are staying true to their mission and values. That, of course, means not focusing on HOW the competition does things, just how you can do things differently while staying true to your purpose..

By choosing to pour all of their focus and passion into their own teams and companies, new owners are setting themselves up for success regardless of who else is out there working in their niche.

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