Fortel Security Services are following new Rules for Enhanced Protection of Construction Sites

Fortel is one of the largest Labour and Security providers in UK because the company is growing and progressing at a very fast rate since its establishment. Well, their main work is related to projects that involve construction and engineering services. They have a very well-trained and professional team that is helping the company grow much more than it’s potential at the start. As there are so many things going on in the company at one time, and that means that the construction sites are always loaded with material that is of the high cost.

Recently Fortel has started to pay attention to protecting its construction sites. There is a danger of some ill-activity, and that is done through a proper ruling system. We will be sharing how the company is doing this task through different points. Let us get started with the details of each one now.

Good lighting is the key to protecting the construction sites of the company. Well, the company has installed the bright lights all around the boundary wall of the construction sites so that the security devices can record and supervise every action going on around it. It is a great way of protecting the sites.

By putting security devices at the entry sites of the construction location, Fortel is making sure that every entry and exit is recorded. Now, no one can do anything bad within or outside the vicinity of the company. The cameras or other security devices are always in action for protecting the construction sites of the company.

This is also a simple way of protecting the construction sites in Fortel. It is installing fences around the construction site boundary. This is helping the company protect its surroundings so that no one can enter it at any time of day or even night. This is a great source of protection for them, and they feel quite relieved after having it.

Fortel can protect its construction site by planning their deliveries. Well, this is simple to understand. It can be planned that you send the deliveries once the work is done. It should not be stored or contained in the construction site for days and nights. So, in this way, no one can come and do any harm to you and the material in your construction site.

Fortel is working day in and day out for becoming better with each passing day. It is not possible for any business to grow at such a fast rate, with such protection and security of its everything, and also with such dignity. But Fortel is proving that everything can be possible only and if only you have the desire to do it. It is quite clear from the information given above. We hope that you can also learn a lot from this, and make it part of your business in the future.

About Fortel

The Fortel is one of the UK’s largest labour suppliers of professional blue and white-collar resources. The Group consists of a number of subsidiary businesses, including volume labour supply and management, professional recruitment, security services, turnkey concrete design and builds works, and bespoke IT solutions.

Our work with our clients and partners has resulted in a number of awards and nominations. These include; MSDUK ScaleUp award, Walsall Works Silver Partnership award, in addition to becoming finalists in The Growing Business Awards The British Construction Industry Awards.


Fortel Making Office Atmosphere Fun for Employees with Smoothie Bike Ride

Fortel always comes up with innovative ideas regarding their working environment. The management believes that the employees never feel pressured and that they enjoy their work even if it gets very hectic. It is possible only and if only they are provided with a fun environment in which they can relax for some time. Apart from so many other things which Fortel is doing in this regard, a smoothie bike ride is a new addition to offer a fun atmosphere for employees.

Well, we know that a smoothie bike is a motionless bike that is attached to a blender. As soon as you start hitting the paddle, the blender starts to blend ingredients present in it. When you are done with the paddling, the smoothie is ready for you to drink. All you have to do is to put in the ingredients that you like, fruits, juices, or vegetables, and as a result, have your healthy smoothie with exercise for a few minutes.

Now keeping in mind, the concept of smoothie bike, and the hectic working routine of employees, Fortel has introduced this fun activity. This helps the employee divert attention while working and at the same time help the stay active during the working hours. Smoothie will help them recharge their inner energy and boost the ability to work even better.

This is how smoothie bikes are working as a fun factor for Fortel employees, and that is such an amazing initiative.

The benefits of smoothie bikes are not only that they help in making a smoothie and staying active, but there are so many others too. Here we will discuss a few more advantages of this activity for the employees of Fortel.

Smoothie bike is helping employee’s workout and develop better fitness of the cardiovascular system.

Muscle strength, endurance in whole body and flexibility also increase because it is a complete exercise.

Mobility of the joints, especially of legs, improves a lot with time as the employees keep on doing it every day.

Body fat level also reduces greatly because by doing this exercise, the whole-body engages in work and burns the fat in it.

Strength in the bones also develops due to this exercise, and along with this the smoothie has so many nutrients and milk or yogurt in it also adds to the strength.

Prevention from many diseases that arise due to long hours of sitting can also be avoided.

Every time Fortel introduces new things in the company, we see it is done by keeping in mind the employees. Smoothie bike initiative is a great example of that. It tells how much they give importance to their workforce, and how they are adding value to the company through different means. Every business owner, it starts to think like this, would be able to bring a revolutionary change in the business and lives of its employees just like Fortel brought it.

About Fortel 

Fortel was founded in 1998 by Surinder Nijjer, the business has now been established for more than 20 years and is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of labour in the rail and civil engineering sectors. The company started off as a small group of labours and now employees over 2000 staff. Fortel’s company motto is ‘By improving our workforce, we’re investing in yours’.


Exclusive by Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer: The measure that can protect you in time of Pandemic COVID-19 while working on construction projects

Fortel owner Sat Nijjer is looking to protect people while working in construction projects in this tough situation. He thinks that in the prevailing pandemic conditions of COVID-19, the safety and health of construction workers is a major concern.

In this situation, everyone should keep a focus on following health and safety practices. All necessary measurements for prevention of getting and spreading COVID-19 should be taken in compliance with the requirements and regulations set by occupational health and safety acts. In addition to the regulations set by the health ministry, few resources, best practices, and tips should be followed by the construction workers to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

On the behalf of Fortel he says one of the main reasons for the spread of coronavirus is close contact with people so construction workers should have obligations, for the maintenance of clean construction sites. Workers should have complete access to clean water, antigerm soap, sanitizers, and clean washrooms.

The surfaces which are most often touched such as equipment, door handles, site trailers, and hoists should be properly sanitized. The sharing of power tools and hand tools should be completely avoided. However, if it is much necessary to share equipment it should be sanitized before sharing. 

Being Fortel owner Sat Nijjer thinks that the main reason for the spread of the coronavirus is in close contact with people, especially with co-workers. Some useful tips can be used to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Wash the hands with water, and anti-germ soap, and use alcohol-based sanitizers. Keep in mind that coughing and sneezing should be avoided in the open air, and sleeves can be used for this purpose.

In Fortel or outside it also if you are using tissue, towel, cloth or anything else, don’t forget to discard it properly, and never touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. Avoid visiting, and physical contact with those who are tested positive for coronavirus. Never, go outside, if you are sick, or are experiencing some symptoms of coronavirus.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV disease prevention infographic with icons and text, healthcare and medicine concept vector illustration.

Sat Nijjer has a view that on the behalf of Fortel Physical distance is essential to control the spread of coronavirus so for ensuring the physical distance on the working site the construction workers should consider staggering lunch, staggering start, staggering breaks, controlling movement on the construction site, and limiting unnecessary contact with people.

Although the symptoms of COVID-19 are like symptoms of other diseases, some of these symptoms such as cold and flu do not mean that you are suffering from coronavirus.  But if you are ever feeling sick, must report your illness to the health experts and such employees should immediately go in isolation.

Sat Nijjer thinks that In the pandemic situation, especially public health units are actively working to assist people, and construction workers should be in contact with them. This contact can greatly help to reduce the chances of getting coronavirus.  Fortel is always looking to lead the safety measures.

If any construction worker is tested positive for coronavirus, he/she should immediately stop contact with the co-workers and should report the results to the joint safety, and health representative, trade unions, and to the construction ministry and health ministry or NHS helpline 111.


Fortel Ensuring the Best Productivity on Every Job Site

Fortel has been working for many years on various civil engineering and construction projects. They have hired a whole group of teams in which subgroups are made according to the type of job an employee needs to do. Everything is sorted out in this way so that the whole system may work systematically and in an organized way. Just like every other business, be it the construction or any other type, the main task behind all efforts is that productivity is ensured on every jo site. Well, Fortel is successful in doing all of this.

In this article, we are going to share with you the various points which will reflect that how Fortel is managing to ensure the best productivity on every job site.

Training is the main part of the whole system of Fortel. It is working for so many years now to get the level where the employees are trained in which they are good at, they are exposed to new things and techniques, they are made able to follow different protocols and methods in the construction industry so that the customers who come with their projects never feel that they have outdated work ethics.

One more thing that the Fortel is getting help from in the name of ensuring the best productivity on every job site is the way they equip their employees. They keep on updating the equipment that is being used in the whole working process, the methodologies and technologies are also introduced from time to time so that the customers who are mostly contractors may know that Fortel is being serious in their work and then strive for productivity for their projects.

Well, this is a very important point which Fortel is considering from day one of their establishment. It is about the allocation of the job of the employee to the place where he belongs. They only hire professionals who are specialized in certain filed of construction or civil engineering.

They do not take those who have minor knowledge of almost everything. Such people are not of any use to them. Therefore, they just try to hire the ones only who have a specialized field of excelling. It is then possible for them to ensure the best productivity on every job site where they are sending their labour force or engineers.

Fortel, as we all know, was come into being almost more than a decade ago. During this time, they kept on working on various projects related to construction in which they offer their employees for different projects. Other than this, civil engineering projects are also taken into account by the company from time to time. In all of these projects, the main target is just to ensure the best productivity and every job site by training the employees, by equipping them enough, and also by allocating the job to them which they can do.

About Fortel

The diversity in business services of Fortel has led the company win the title of growing business. From construction designs to the delivery of working professionals, Fortel is winning hearts in every filed related to this field.

For more information or inquiry, please visit or send a direct mail to [email protected]