Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz, is emerging as the most unique rapper and music artist across Canada

YB Stainz exudes strong passion and grit to reach the top of the music game and make a name for himself in the industry.

It is not strange anymore to know about young individuals who have broken the glass ceiling and have emerged as talented professionals across industries. Most of these youngsters work with only one aim in mind and that is to create something of their own. Perhaps, this is the reason they always work towards becoming their own boss. The world of music has seen many such talented youngsters who on the basis of their craft and passion desire to make it huge in the music game. One such young talent we came across is Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz.

If anything that ever attracted YB Stainz all his life, then it was the world of music. Music is something which gave wings to this youngster and made him more confident about his innate skills in the same. Since the beginning, YB Stainz had understood what he desired in life and hence began working very hard for the same. He hails from East Toronto in Scarborough from the Malvern community and later moved out to the Greater Toronto Area, also known as the GTA in York Region.

Rap and Dancehall music was where YB Stainz saw his heart hooked onto and thus, focused all his energies in making unique pieces for his passion and for serving something different to the audiences. The story of YB Stainz getting into the music field also stands interesting. It was in the year 2015 that a significant dream got the youngster up while on house arrest. He felt the dream was so real that somewhere it was like a sign of God who wanted him to start making music and grow as a musical talent in the world.

Recalling that interesting dream, YB Stainz, says that it was so real that he could see his future through the same very clearly. He saw he was making a music video, singing his song and the beat and lyrics were so profound and touching that the pressure of the song woke him up. He realized that it was the supreme power letting him know that he must get out of troubles and utilize the innate skills in music he had in the right direction. Still, YB Stainz kept getting locked up, but it was God all through his journey that helped him figure out himself.

He took his skills seriously and kept putting efforts to learn more things in music and hone his skills in the same. Today, YB Stainz is an emerging Canadian x Jamaican music artist who has bowled over audiences and listeners with his rap, dancehall, singing and songwriting.

YB Stainz has turned into a young recording artist, who is yet to tour the world, but the one who is confident that his talents would allow him to travel the world as well soon with many of his concerts and shows. All his songs have a meaning behind them and yet listeners find it in trend and more relevant with the current times, such is the prowess of YB Stainz as a young music artist.

To know more about this musical talent, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram @yb.stainz.