Stefanie Gurzanski having a perfect body, the inspiration of thousands.

Stefanie Gurzanski is a canadian model. She always aspired to be a model. She did her first modeling at the age of 17 when she was in high school. She started her modeling career with the Playmate brand and became Playmate of the Year in 2017. She got encouraged and never looked back. 

She kept on working hard with utmost dedication and consistency. Today, she is a successful model. She has worked with various prestigious magazines like Vogue. She has also worked with amazing companies like Elle and Cosmopolitan.

She believes that Social Media platform like Instagram has played an integral role and has helped her to build her empire in this industry. She has more than 1.8 million people who love her content on social media. According to her, if you have consistency and perseverance, you then have the power of the internet. You can do wonders and showcase your work and talent to the world with this powerful weapon.

She is a fitness enthusiast and posts inspiring content which is loved and appreciated by many. She had to face a lot of criticism for having something every girl dreams of having. It was strange to see few people doubting her perfect body. 

She has worked hard passionately to make her body look the best. She used to spend hours in Gym. She says that it is not hard to get a perfect body but it’s hard to maintain and uplift the good with the best. 

People always comment on someone’s success and feel jealous. They always speak on their status and their luxuries but never focuses on the struggle they had to face, their determination, and the hard- work. It is hard to achieve a body like Stefanie because it requires extraordinary and constant hard- work. You have to sacrifice a lot in your eating habits, and be aware of what and when to eat. Slow movement exercises to increase core strength and flexibility are her secrets to a consistently captivating appearance.

She has also done Gymnastics in her childhood, which has made her flexible and motivated her to work on her body. She has been passionate and true to her dreams. Today she is living the life she has undoubtedly worked for.