Stan Bharti Fosters the Future

For the everyman, investing is often touted as the best way to prepare for the future. Such a perspective is endorsed by insurance agents and wealth managers who want to attract aspiring clients, and while this view is often accurate, it ignores a corresponding and equally important aspect of investing. With investing, one does not only make their money work for them, but also for others and the world at large.

In particular, this refers to how investments help investors themselves and the investees. While this may seem painfully obvious, the potential ripple effect of investing goes all the way up toward helping the global economy. Depending on the exact size of the investee entity, investments may go on to help up to tens of thousands of employees, not to mention the large number of customers who utilize their services. Both public and private investments are essential components of a thriving global economy.

Such an effect is amplified when a large entrepreneur or financier with vast resources makes a conscious effort to help the world. Entrepreneur-philanthropists like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett have recently received much recognition for leading their companies with social responsibility while at the same time participating in charitable endeavors. Such examples showcase the best possible version of a liberal economy: one wherein companies and individuals’ financial growth are tied with the greater societal good.

Internationally-recognized businessman and entrepreneur Stan Bharti has built his career following this philosophy. Through his private capital and public markets, Mr. Bharti has listed over 50 companies on different stock markets worldwide while investing and raising over US$10 billion over the last ten years alone. As founder and executive chairman of the international merchant bank and finance house Forbes & Manhattan Inc., Mr. Bharti has become recognized as a leader in discovering, financing, and building both promising startups as well as struggling small companies, bringing them to success. Through its varied team of over 1,000 highly-qualified professional staff consisting of software developers, engineers, geologists, financiers, and investment bankers, the firm has grown to develop and operate over 20 companies all over the world in the sectors of natural resources, infrastructure, energy, and technology.

Through F&M and his own personal efforts, Mr. Bharti has distinguished himself as an expert in emerging markets, with a sterling 30+ year track record of acquiring, financing, and restructuring dozens of struggling companies to bring them to financial success. He is an expert in leveraging top-tier management and operations professionals to generate high returns of investment on the assets he selects. Through this, Mr. Bharti maximizes the possible benefits for himself, his employees, and his clients and local economies, and that of the world at large. In fact, this aspect of Mr. Bharti’s professional endeavors was rewarded in June of 2018 with the designation of Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan to Canada, in recognition of his service in providing business opportunities in Kazakhstan.

Mr. Bharti’s investment in the world’s future does not stop with his professional activities. Beyond his aforementioned work, he is also a member and major contributor to various charitable organizations worldwide. In 2010, he set up the Bharti Charitable Foundation in order to leverage funding for environmental concerns and children’s welfare in some of the world’s poorest developing countries. In 2012, Mr. Bharti chose to leverage a different kind of wealth by establishing the Bharti School of Engineering in collaboration with Laurentian University of Greater Sudbury, Canada. Through this, Mr. Bharti hopes to inspire a new generation of young engineers to follow his philosophy of engineering and entrepreneurship rooted in social responsibility and sustainability.

To learn more about Stan Bharti and his professional endeavors, you can visit his firm’s website at Forbes & Manhattan Inc. You may also visit the website of the Bharti Charitable Foundation to find out more about his charitable activities.