STAARDUST RECORDS: Music Label of Artists


Indian music industry is rapidly evolving. New music labels are rising and Staardust Records is one of the fastest growing music label. Started by Aayustaar , who himself is a rapper and knows the business very well , Staardust Records is giving talents a platform to earn from their content and gain the attention of the audience .

Staardust Records is label of people including Aayustaar, the ceo, OZ beats , Sukrit Srivastava who are in house producer of Staardust and Piyush Yadav who is marketing head manager of Staardust . The team is having an experience of music industry which helps them in many ways like promoting songs, generating revenues and helping talents to gain the deserved attention.

Staardust Records signs independent artists and help them in generating revenue from their work and they don’t even charge artists. Staardust Records gets license on the behalf of their artists which makes them solo owner of their work , which most of the music labels in India are not doing.

Staardust Records have a very effective marketing and promoting strategy through which they promote and distribute songs so that they can reach up to maximum audience which helps the artists to get the deserved attention and praise from the audience and that is what an artist wants.

Staardust Records is working in a very effective way and is encouraging young talents to step up and get what they deserve. Staardust Records is one of the very few music label which thinks more about their artists and their work rather than generating their own revenue.

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