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Gianluigi Ventre

Starting an online business nowadays is a huge challenge. Not only does it require preparation and knowing in detail every aspect before you start, but also knowing how to manage each strategy in the right way to position, and make people, your potential customers, and believe in what you do.

Gianluigi Ventre is a young entrepreneur who has been working in this sector of the digital environment. Now, he is one of the greatest experts in financial markets and one of the most reliable helping hands to others in their desire to achieve economic freedom. Nowadays, we hear much more often about online business with relative earnings. Let’s discuss it with the story of a boy who, after various experiences, has become an expert in the online market and enjoys the fruits collected over the years, hoping that he can be an example for all those people who want to take this path.

His passion for trading was also growing inside at a very young age. This is the thing that opens his eyes to his future path. Since the university could not provide him with what he really wanted, he decided to move to Milan and then continue to Lugano, to see the famous banks there. He soon found a suitable job for him, but he left the job due to some personal reasons and consequences. After that he starts working for Lugano pharmaceutical company, traveling between Milan and Lugano. This allowed Gianluigi to earn a lot of money, also thanks to the difference in salaries between Italy and Switzerland.

As an expert in strategies, Gianluigi is called by a company in Cyprus to manage a fund. After eighteen months, the account reached 240% profit, and he earned 50% of the benefits, in addition to the commissions that he received from opening each position. Gianluigi Ventre lives in the Canaries, manages many accounts, and invests in real estate in the Canaries and Dubai, buying, renting, and reselling apartments.

To undertake the trading activity, it must be emphasized that it takes perseverance, determination, and passion without giving up at the first difficulties, just as Gianluigi did. By believing in himself and building his future with his own hands, he managed to be financially independent, looking for continuous improvement; the mindset he has made has led him to these excellent results.

He always assures that his confidence in himself, in his ideas, and his purposes have kept him focused on what he wants to achieve. But also that he has worked in an unimaginable way to achieve it. His results are the shadow of his determination. Since his young age, his parents teach him the value of work, and he has known how to develop what he loves in each lesson learned to get as far as he wants.

About Gianluigi:

Gianluigi Ventre was born in Montoro, a village nestled between the mountains and the sea, in Avellino, in 1990. His mother and father, together with his grandmother, were a great source of inspiration for him. His dream was to become a dental technician, but his father, worried about the steep path, tried to dissuade him. After completing his school and graduating, he joined a tanning chemical Institute and enrolled in economics. This was the turning point for him, and he starts his journey of Success. After the struggle of day and night, he is now a successful entrepreneur.