Some notes about starting a personal business, according to Ali Haji Mohammadi, successful and popular Iranian entrepreneur

Think about your idea

Are there any applicable and effective business ideas in your head? If yes, so congratulations, you can move to the next step. But if you don’t have any good ideas, many ways can help you to start a business and discover good ideas.

Put what annoys you aside. People prefer to have fewer bad things rather than more good things. So, if your business activities relieve some of your customers’ pain, they will be grateful for that.

Apply your skills in an innovative field. Many businesses and industries just utilize traditional methods, only because those methods have worked.

On this matter, new perspectives can make a lot of difference.

Use better, cheaper, and faster methods. If your ideas are not new at all so try these recommendations, and concentrate your thoughts on how to apply your idea in a better, cheaper, and faster way.

Besides, you can ask people you meet outside about your business, consult advisors of other markets, research through the internet, or get help in any way that suits you.

Research in market

Is there anyone that is doing what you intend to do? If not, is there any good reason to start that business? Research about potential rivals and companies in the business. Through research in markets and taking necessary ways, complete your information.