Simone Ferretti, one of the leading online coaches and social media consultants, throws light on what made him successful in the industry

“When you work with a determined mind and soul, you can do more and be more,” says the young talent in the digital space.

The closer we look around us, the more we notice how the younger brigade has been taking over almost all the industries and fields. Their choice to push the envelope and challenge themselves always to learn something new and apply the same in their work has truly thrived them in their industries, taking some of them even ahead of the established names of the industry. Topping the list of such young talents in the digital space is Simone. This youngster from Italy, who now resides in London since 2019, has initially spellbound people with his modelling skills at 19 years old, where he even got placed at #2 in the ‘Mister Italy’ beauty competition.

From Milan to Hong Kong to London he mastered content creation and became a coach with his tutorials on TikTok, Instagram and online courses. Being the ace social media consultant that he is, Simone has come a long way. Below, he shares what he believes has helped him become successful in his journey.

Being committed: Simone explains how his commitment has always helped him stay on track, face the challenges and give him the results he desired with whatever he chose to do in life. He suggests others to be fully committed into their work while never stop learning.

Being resilient: The youngster says that the journey so far was not a cakewalk and he saw many hurdles on his path. However, his resilience helped him to move forward in any situation and helped him learn many new things along his journey.

Being passionate: Simone can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do what one loves and love what one does. Being passionate helps people to gain the momentum and, therefore, success in their chosen industries. Simone’s love for creativity and the digital space helped him thrive in the industry.

Being consistent: As an influencer, content creator, coach and consultant, Simone has always tried to keep engaging with his audiences and clients through posting value online in several platforms. This constancy has propelled him forward in the industry.

Simone also mentions that people need to be courageous enough to take certain decisions in life. He believes that his grit and perseverance allowed him to become the multi-skilled professional he is today.